Methylcobalamin injection

Hi all, I'm looking for some advice really. I was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia 10 years ago when I was 23. I self inject cyanocobalamin monthly but would like to try Methylcobalamin IM. Recently I've had increasing numbness to my hands and feet and was hoping that a change in b12 might help. I can't use hydroxocobalamin as it gives me acne. 

Does anyone know where I can buy Methylcobalamin and what the recommended dosing would be? 

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  • Can you let us know which country you are in.

  • Sorry, I am in England. 

  • You can obtain  methylcobalamin from Oxford Biosciences . It is dried. They tell you where to get the saline to reconstitute it. 

    Also obtainable from INVITA  in 1 mg/1 ml ampoules  

    The B12 deficiency society also supply methylcobalamin in vials if you send them a donation.


  • Thanks, any ideas on dosing? 1mg per month IM? 

  • You could also possibly try For a donation they will often try to provide methyl. Injections quite quickly.

  • Have you tried cyano more frequently?

    Unfortunately there is a chance that methyl may give you acne if hydroxo does and a bit surprised that cyano doesn't but it's useful to know that different forms of B12 have different effects on the acne problem ... obviously the bacteria that cause the acne also have different responses to different forms of B12.

  • If you try methylcobalamin, you should have it more frequently at least a few times a week as it's short acting.  I have found it very effective for nerve pain among other things but need a lot of it to keep the pain at bay (5mg/ml) daily split into 2 injections. The downside is that it is very expensive.  Hope this helps.

  • Thanks everyone, I have just ordered some Methylcobalamin. I will give it a try and see if it helps my symptoms improve. 

    I use cyanocobalamin IM monthly, my GP won't agree to anymore than this however I have been self injecting weekly for the past 3 weeks with some old stock. The sensation or lack of in my hands and feet does not seem to improving despite my increased self prescribed dosing. I've also been quite down lately but unsure if the 2 things are related. 

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