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Results what do they mean

Hi All

I am new to this community. I have been poorly since June after having rectal bleeding. I have had a sigmoidoscopy and was told it was normal. However I have had extreme fatigue, breathlessness, bloating, pain after eating, and either constipation or lose stools.

I have just received my bloods, but don't know what they mean:

ESR -result 2 - range (6-12)

Free T4 - result 23.42 -range (12-22)

TSH -result 2.720 - range (0.270-4.200)

Plasma C3 - result 831 range (750-1600)

Plasma C4 - result 123 range (200 - 650)

IgA anti-tTG -result 0.5 range (0.0-5.0)

Plasma C3 -result 831 range (900-1800)

Plasma C4 - result 123 range (100-400)

Haematocrit -result 0.414 range (0.42-0.52)

Mean Cell Haemoglobin - result 353 range (300-350)

Lymphocytes AB - result 1.43 range (1.5-3.5)

Would anyone be ale to explain what the above means?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi, I can't explain your blood results, but wondered if you were given entenox, I was when I had my sigmoidoscopy and ended up in casualty because I felt so ill, it lasted a long time as entenox takes away all your b12.


Hi thank you for your reply. I believe I was not given anything for the sigmoidoscopy.

Do you have B12 injections?


Like Jcwg, I can't explain the blood results, but If it wasn't for the loose stools, I would have said you were talking about me! My fatigue is caused by the PA but I have also got IBS. A few weeks ago I started the Fodmap diet and also started using a B12 nasal spray, and apart from the constipation, which I think may be caused in part by the PA, I feel so much better. The diet is a bit restrictive but I would rather have that than the pain.


Thank you for your reply. I am still waiting for a diagnosis which is the most frustrating thing. How were you diagnosed with PA?


I went to the doctor because I felt really tired, was always out of breath and my feet and fingers tingled plus generally feeling unwell and he did quite a few blood tests. Got called in next day for B12 injection but no loading. Spoke to a different doctor couple of weeks later because I felt no better who said I should of had the loading injections plus every three months for life, which I now have. As many people have said on this forum, don't self dose until you have sorted it out with the doctor because it will give false blood test readings.

PS I always know if I'm going to get the bleeding because I get a dull Ache in my stomach, though things much better on the diet.

Good luck! hope you get things sorted out.



Rectal bleeding can mean different things to different people. If you had small amounts of bright red blood in bowl or on tissue it may be from hemorrhoids. If you had massive amounts of dark blood (melena) that's a different story and needs to be explained. Your age also affects the significance of bleeding.

As for the labs, I suggest that you ask doctor for full explanation of what the tests mean when taken together with your other symptoms. However, there is a laboratory test website I think is quite reliable at

It's the UK version of the one I use in US. There is alpha list or you can go to dropdown list at top. Once you've chosen a test to review, the "tabs" at top allow you to find the type of information you want including frequent quesrions.

Best wishes to you,



Thank you so much for the web link. I did ask my GP for an explanation on the results and they said they were all fine, even though the lab had flagged some as high and low.

The bleeding was just a small amount but it made me worry with all the other symptoms I have had.

Thanks again for your reply.



ESR -result 2 - range (6-12) -- Also called Sed Rate. A low result is generally not a problem. High result indicates inflammation somewhere in body but is not specific to any condition by itself.

Free T4 - result 23.42 -range (12-22) --Thyroid test, combined with your normal TSH generally indicates your thyroid gland is working ok

TSH -result 2.720 - range (0.270-4.200). See T4

Mean Cell Haemoglobin - result 353 range (300-350) -- Haemoglobin (HMB) is in red blood cells and carries oxygen to your body. Some types of anemias result in low HMB, BUT in B12 deficiency it can be perfectly normal.

Haematocrit - result 0.414 range (0.42-0.52) -- Haematocrit (HCT) measures the percentage/concentration of red blood cells in serum. It, too, can be normal even if there is a B12 deficiency. i would say that your result is within normal variation.

Thought you might like above information, but the remainder of tests you reported would need to be interpreted by your physician in combination with additional details of your health picture.



Thank you for the above explanation. I have read you can have normal tsh with high FT4 and this can indicate a over active thyroid. Is this not the case then?


Generally speaking if your thyroid gland is over active (hyperthyroidism) your TSH would be low and T4 high. My thought was that your T4 result was not significantly elevated. You could ask for a repeat of T4 to clarify. is a site I think has reliable and nicely-explained information. Perhaps you would like to read the section on hyperthyroidism and/or thyroid disease in general for more thorough explanations.


Thank you for your reply. I saw an endo yesterday and he has repeated the FT4 along with TSH, FT3, thyroid antibodies and also vitamin B12.

Thanks again for your comments


I'm so glad that you've found an endocrinologist who is being thorough!

Best, Leilani


Hi, yes I take b12, hydroxo every 8wks from GP, methyl from private DR. I was diagnosed by Neurologist after suffering nerve pain, as well as bowel n bladder problems, fatigue etc

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Thank you for your reply. Did it take a long time to get diagnosed?


I think it was prob 18-24 months, my GP wasn't interested if it wasn't for neurologist doing b12 test I prob Wundt know now. I was diagnosed bout 2 yrs ago. Gud luck


Wow what a long time to get diagnosed. I had a vitamin B12 test done yesterday for the first time, so just waiting for the results now.


I have seen on my notes today, in November 2013 the Neurologist did some blood tests, my GP wrote beside b12 that was 187: LOW retest in 12 months, so luckily the Neurologist saw it in January and told my GP to start b12 injections. Good luck with yr results, I don't know your history but as you will have read on here you will prob have a fight with GP whatever your results.


So sorry Swan 29 just realised you put your details on here , oh what it feels like to live your life with something similar to dementia! I will your notes again.


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