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Ferritin/Folate levels

Hi Im new to the site, first post. Ive had PA for just over 20 yrs diagnosed aged 18. I have b12 injections every 12 weeks but im constantly tired but carry on as best as I can. Recently had bloods done and GP said were normal. Im not convinced, Folate was 2.3 range 2.5 - 20 ferritin 15 range 15-300. Any advice on what I should do next? Thanks

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How can he say that's normal? He should be giving you 5mg folic acid and iron supplements on prescription. Can you see another doctor at the practice? Failing that just self supplement. Some recommendations on here:



Thanks Hampster1 for the reply. Exactly what I thought. This is the same doctor who told me that my palpitations are not related to PA/b12. For years ive had palpitations 4-5 weeks before injection is due, all fine once ive had my b12. Instead ive been referred to see a cardiologist. You could say hes being thorough referring me, but there you go!


I guess it does no harm to get it checked out but really, would it hurt to give you that injection a month earlier? I think not. There's a more active PA Group over here:


i agree with hampster1 ! My Doc was only too happy to give me more frequent injections of B12 and I started taking across the counter folate. He ageed with this and said I could have it on script.


My GPs have been doing the same , if its just in the bottom of the range its classed as ok , but people with auto-immune are not able to store the same as normal patients so you need to be near top of range .


Thank you all for your replies.I am going to book an appointment with a different doctor.


Yes do that.

I read an article recently online that says that some women don't see improvement until their ferritin is over 50. And have just read a post on here, where someone was told to get there ferritin to over 100. And felt better once they did!

I have looked into this subject of ferritin a lot. Ferritin measures the amount of iron stores in your bone marrow. This is where the body keeps the majority of its iron stores. So the body starts to use up the stores when their is not enough iron in the blood. However, I found out that although this test is a good way to tell if your iron is low, it is not a completely accurate science. As many factors are involved. So, it could say 15, which indicates it is very low, but because it is not an exact science, who knows it could be lower actually! It is just a rough indicator of your stores. And what is sure, is that for this number to be low, means that your stores are being used up, which means, that your iron has got too low.

Interesting that your doctor said it was normal and he is a man, because in men the normal level is a lot lower than for women. Women loose iron each month and can therefore easily have low iron.

A good doctor will put you on supplements, will monitor your iron every three months, and will advise you to keep taking the iron AFTER your levels have improved, and continue monitoring them for a while to check if they go down again.

Also taking vitamin C can help to absorb the iron, so take with iron supplements and also with iron rich meals. Also get your doctor to check you for celiac as this can affect iron levels.


Hi aliveandwell ,

Are you aware the last post in this topic is a year old?

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