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optimum ferritin levels?


I've been self injecting for a while - I'm experimenting, and I'm on a couple of times a week at the moment, which seems to keep my lightheadedness, anxiety and eye twitching at bay! I'm also taking folate and a multivitamin with iron.

However, I'm really tired, constantly cold and I keep finding bruises when I've no recollection of bumping myself. My hair is coming out in handfuls. I'm wondering if my ferritin is too low. In July 16, it was 14, and I took 3 months of iron supplements. My GP checked it in November and it was 39, which he said was OK (range is 20-291). A Gastro re-checked a week later and it was 32. I know I'm within range, but do these sound like anaemia symptoms to you? Incidentally, the gasto said my vit D was low at 30 (range 51+) but that a multivit would be enough to supplement).

Thanks for your thoughts x

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Hi spacey1,

When my ferritin was 34, I felt very bad- out of breath, cold, hair falling out, fatigued and my doctor wanted my levels to be up around 75. I took 2 Solgar "gentle iron" capsules a day for about 4 or 5 months. I was also deficient in B12, so it was a double whammy. Felt like a new person once my ferritin and B12 went up.

I'm not doctor but it sounds as if you are low in iron. You can buy Solgar gentle iron on the Internet and take one or 2 caps a day for a couple of months and then get your iron re-tested. It takes a while to bring the iron up. But be sure to get re-tested as you don't want to have to much iron in your system.

Good luck!☺


I had severe iron deficency anaemia and my ferritin was down to 3. I took iron tablets for a long time as my GP said she'd be happier if my ferritin levels were up to about 100. Is there any explanation of why your ferritin levels went down.


Thanks both. I've no idea why my ferritin is low; I can only think that my IBS just stops me absorbing things well in my gut.

I'm going to start some more iron. Like a lot of people on here, I'm quite happy to take control of my own health. But wouldn't it be helpful if doctors pointed us in the right direction?


Hi Spacey1, have you had your Thyroid levels checked? Many people with autoimmune Thyroid problems later develop another autoimmune illness, in my case Pernicious Anaemia, and vice versa. Feeling cold even in a warm room, thinning hair and lack of energy are symptoms of both illnesses, might be worth a check.

My folate and ferritin levels were very low when I was diagnosed with P.A., my doctor ordered an 'Iron Infusion,' or 'Ferinject', which is iron in solution injected into a vein, it took about 30mins. with no problems. Once it reached my bone marrow, which can take several weeks, it really boosted my iron stores, and has helped a great deal with constant tiredness.

My GP is allowing me to self inject every 16 days, but may well need to ask if the gap can be narrowed to 10 days, as symptoms are re occurring from then on. Have only just had Vitamin D levels checked in my latest blood test, (no idea why this has not been tested before?). Result, very low at '11.'

I hope you will be able find the answers you need soon, best wishes and good luck.


My GP checked my thyroid in November and said the results were normal, although I'm not sure how specific the tests were.

I also had my pancreatic function checked recently, and my pancreas is absolutely fine.

I think my iron stores have been borderline for years - I've occasionally been prescribed iron, then sometimes told it was within range, but I've never actually looked at the figures until recently. I'm going to aim to get my ferritin up to 100, if I can


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