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Confused: is this PA or not?

Hello, me again :)

Routine blood test at St T's (including an active B12 test) showed I am B12 deficient.

As I am on warfarin for Antiphospholipid Syndrome (Hughes syndrome) my GP started me on B12 tablets. I asked more questions with my ST T's consultant who has now advised my GP that I need life long B12 injections. She said that my B12 deficiency is auto immune based.

So is this the same as Pernicious Anaemia??

I also want to thank you all here because by chatting with you I knew which questions to ask!


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Yes if it is Auto immune only injections will work , you will also find you will injections at least monthly , I was referred by my Dentist because GP said there was nothing wrong , that was in 1997 , I am now forced to buy and inject my own . Such is the great NHS and Royal Colleges the modern Joseph Mengelers quite happy to see patients suffer and die to support their Cartels .


Yes Lynn, autoimmune B12 deficiency is Pernicious Anaemia. I'm so glad the Consultant corrected your GP, hopefully you might have also saved some other poor souls from being prescribed those useless tablets.

H x


Thank you (both) for explaining :)


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