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I am recently diagnosed with PA and have had 3 sets of loading injections (I have a good GP). That said I am getting injections st 8 week intervals which is better than some.

After the second set of loading injections I had my B12 checked as part of a health program at work.

I am assuming it was an active b12. The company is called Bluecrest Health.

I am confused as they gave my results an AMBER flag.

My results are as follows:

Your result: >256.0

Units: pmo/L

Range: 25.1 - 165.0

Does anyone know why they would have given it an amber flag? I’m struggling to understand it?

I’m still feeling very fatigued and have muscle weakness in my arms, painful chest and thoracic back pain.

I am on folic acid 5mg complex B12 and VitD supplements.

I know you are all very experienced and I’m only 2 months in to my treatment and diagnosis so hope you might be able to help.

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Hi Martin.

You shouldn’t have had an active B12 test after your loading doses. It’s not necessary. Your levels are bound to be higher as you have had your loading doses, but the results are irrelevant as you are on treatment, so don’t worry about it being flagged.

Martin2812 in reply to staceyhx

Thanks for responding. They were part of s battery of tests that s number of staff get. I didn’t ask for it and I knew the figure would be high. I’m confused as the numbers and ranges are different (are the numbers I quoted for an active B12?test?) as it did not say. And why would they flag it amber if it is high. Surely it should be green? Or am I missing the point. Yes on treatment now but boy recovery is slow!

Thanks for responding- I appreciate it!

staceyhx in reply to Martin2812

You’re welcome.

Yes, I would say they are from an Active B12 test, as the ranges are very similar to when I had my Active B12 test.

The reason they have flagged it is because in a normal person who is not on any B12 treatment, high levels of B12 can indicate other problems, such as certain diseases of the liver, kidney, etc. However, higher levels of B12 whilst on B12 injections is no cause for concern, but they have to flag it as if you were somebody not on B12 treatment, so that it can be looked into further. I hope that makes sense.

Martin2812 in reply to staceyhx

Thanks that makes perfect sense to me now. Thanks for responding again. It’s all quite confusing. Much appreciated.

staceyhx in reply to Martin2812

You’re more than welcome!

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