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Back to being a patient?

I won a gift voucher in a raffle this weekend, which is fantastic! The voucher is for a complementary health centre so I emailed them to find out what they do there. I decided to mention the pain and asked what they'd recommend.

They've sent a nice email back & suggested I go for a free consultation and then book something from there. They're suggesting osteopathy & / or acupuncture. I've had both in the past (for quite a long time) but they weren't very successful.

Now I feel a bit nervous. I'm going to have to go through the process of explaining my medical history all over again. I'll have to get in to the habit of going to appointments and being a patient again. I don't like being the patient. I might have to undress - horrors! They'll try to diagnose me - everyone you talk to about pain, expert or lay person likes to make a diagnosis, even though I've got an official one now.

I suppose I should toughen up & get on with it. I've been putting off going back to appointments for almost 2 years now (ever since the girl doing the massages tried to diagnose me & I decided not to go back). It's been lovely having a little holiday from appointments, apart from the pain clinic, but I can't run away forever.

Anyway, I can't go before new year because life is too busy right now. The gift voucher expires end of January so I'll have no excuse after Christmas. I know what everyone's thinking, I'm lucky really and I shouldn't look a gift-horse in the mouth (what's a gift-horse ayway?) but I think I am a little bit scared. Silly moo.

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I know what you mean, I rarely attend any appointments apart from a sports physio who just has to look at me to know whats wrong. A couple of sessions later I'm back to my normal.

Maybe you could take the medical side out of it and choose to do something relaxing like aromatherapy and chat about what oils work together to relieve fatigue, disturbed sleep etc instead of focusing on your condition. It may be worthwhile soothing a symptom rather than trying to treat the condition.

You may find relaxation helps your general wellbeing and you'll have a couple of recipes to continue with at home if you want.


I love Zanna's idea, it should be a nice treat rather than something to endure. I don't know whats available, but book aromatherapy or reflexology or maybe a massage - pamper yourself! :)


Repeat after me, I will make the appointment tomorrow. And be creative with your symptoms at the consultation. I do have some sympathy that initial rolling out of a medical history it has put me off going for more complimentary therapy.

A salutary lesson in the art of procrastination.


Hello teardrinker,

If you do not want to go to something that you feel onerouse you do not need to go, the only time you need too go to an appointment is when your doctor or hospital specialist and of course the DWP ask you too. Even then you can refuse treatment or inspection. This seems that this is alternative therapy, You could sell your winnings if you feel so enclined.

When I first started my problems I had too have private chiropracty to my neck this lasted three years, until my doctor realized what it was. He then recommended most strongly that this treatment ended and the NHS take over my treatment So this has now been the case for

twenty five years. I had made my point and that was the end of that.

Many alternate therapies are associated in making you feel good about yourself they only need to know the basics of whats wrong, talk to your doctor about that if he is open minded with regard to holistic treatment he my feel that it may be good for you, He knows your problem give Him a chance to suggest what is beneficial to you, He will probably write you a note regarding this

Remember at all times it is YOUR BODY, you have the right to do what you want to do with it

and anyone who is dealing with you will need to show same respect, you can always say NO.

Have something like essential oils,or gental massage they do not need to be invasive

Enjoy a bit of pampering, relax its free.

All the very best


Computer playing up again! I can see Nedd & r-bells' comments but can't respond directly under them. Oh well.

Nedd, "Procrastination" is my middle name. I am very bad at getting things done, hence frequently being unable to see because my fringe needs cutting & I haven't got round to going to the hairdresser. Well there's always something far more interesting to do. It's a wonder my kids ever get any tea (but then again, they're growing up to be wonderfully self-sufficient).

r-bell, you're right, it is my body & I don't have to do anything about it. But it doesn't seem to be working very well again. The people at the health place have suggested a free consultation so I might as well take them up on that. I have given myself a talking-to and made a plan to Get Things Done. The cold weather has made me hunch up and hold my shoulder in a strange position and my hand goes painfully frozen as a result, so if they can do something about that it will be brilliant.

Right, off to put the olive oil in my ear now - I have been hearing little bells ringing for days, and if it's no better soon I WILL HAVE TO darken my GP's door again. (Got a telling off once before for ignoring similar problem for 18 months & ended up flat on my face in the surgery having a funny turn. Told you I was a procrastinator).


Re little problem with ear. Don't neglect it. There was a really good piece on R4. ! to ! I think. It was with a musician. I won't go into the ins and outs. But I resolved never ever to ignore a little problem with the ear. And also to keep an eye on my hearing ability. And get aided up at the soonest hint of hearing loss. Due to marked effect on cognition. And that I don;t need as the brian is already grindingly slow. Keep warm.


I should know better from the job I do but healthcare workers make lousy patients ("Do as I say & not as I do"). And my mum lost her hearing, so I will get advice.


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