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Hi I have been suffering lower back pain since2008 I thinks it could be work related but hey ,

I go to chronic pain clinic every 3 months I also receive injections 3 times a year I'm 48 I walk like I'm an oap (no offfence ) this pain I'm having is getting unbearable ,I've had MRI scan 3 years ago,I'm on bu trans pain killing patches after taking tramadol,paracetamol,diclofenic,cocodomol,nurofen,the lining in my stomach is now damaged I get lots of pain in stomach now ,no matter what I try I end up feeling worse and to top it all of my last 3 appointments have been cancelled I'm about to loose my job all through no fault of my own,I've done physical ,i do exercises when I can I've done everything right now I'm going out of my head with all this the doctors don't seem to be bothered now I'm waffling sorry I could go on forever

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  • Hi Angeleyes

    So sorry to read that you are so low. The constant pain and having to fight for some kind of diaganosis and pain relief is enough to get the most resiliant of us down. Of all the pain I get and I get alot the lower back pain gets me down more than anything as every movement is controlled from there and sitting and moving is hell. The only time you seem to get any relief and that is minimal is lying down and none of us want to spend our lives in the horizontal position, I too lost a job I adored because of the constant pain issues so I can truely sympathise with you. Unfortunately, my husband had to give up work the year before i did through health issues and you suddenly feel as though the world you know is crumbling around you. Hang on in there. It seems as though you have done everything you can to help your situation so you should be proud of your fighting spirets. Big hugs I am thinking about youx

  • Thank you so much ,I just found out I'm supposed to have sacrolitius ! I've never been told this but it was on a report from my docs also have other stuff going on in my back I think docsdont know enough about back problems I'm waiting for more injections in April that's if they don't get cancelled again ,

  • Hi again

    I had to look your condition up as I hadn't come across it before as a diagnosis. I sincerely hope that you don't get another cancellation as we have to build ourselves up for these appts. I do hope the injections give you some relief. Bob is right that if there is a chance that you will be losing your job you should take some advice. Good luckx

  • if you have sacroiliitis, than absolutely insist that your doctor sends you to a rheumatologist (with a suspicion of inflammatory back pain), and preferably either an ankylosing spondylitis clinic or a rheumatologist with an interest in ankylosing spondylitis. Longstanding back pain + sacroiliitis should be very suspicious of ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and it CAN be treated far better than just pain relief.

  • I keep going back to the docs but they just give me another form of painkiller I'm gonna ask at the pain clinic next month to refer me elsewhere,

  • Hello

    You seem to have been managing your pain at work without being of for long periods with the exception when you need treatment for injections, you also attend the Pain Clinic every three months, how many sessions do you suffer there. Your cancelled appointments I cannot understand, did they give reasons or was this done at the last min.

    You now feel you are getting worse and you seemed to have effected your stomach, have you had a check up with that and what are they advising.??

    All I can suggest here is if you are loosing your job you need to take advice, especially if it is your health that is causing you this problem. Discuss all with your GP and then possibly discuss with the CAB to see if something can be done.

    Sorry that is all I can suggest we are living in an uncaring world

    Good Luck


  • Hi bob thankyou for your reply , yes the cancelations were last min the surgeons secretary cancelled saying he won't be doing surgery on those days apparently , so really it's a waiting game, my job well I'm on light duties but might get redeployed after a meeting which is due next week , I've seen my gp about stomach they gave me bu trans patches instead of pills , and lansoprazole for stomach , could be acid reflux ! I never had this before all the pils I've taken .plus I don't think the butrans work as I'm in constant pain mostly my right side at moment , I worry now incase it's my kidneys aswell , sacrolitius is a diagnosis I just read in my drs report I've not been told this , anyway onwards and upwards we gotta plod on no matter what x

  • I think that is what it is, is an immune system problem, although I am not sure, you can check in NHS Choices. it is spelt different there.It seems to be a lung problem, we suffer that if we have been on certain drugs we take

    If you are managing at work on light duties try and keep the pressure up to stay where you are, the only things that will settle your tummy, the GP is doing for you and patches are best as they are transfused into the blood supply.

    TENS I suppose may not treat your problems, although you could give it a try until you get the attention of the Specialist. It may be time to ask the GP to put the pressure on if He is able.

    For me I have been on pain control for thirty odd years and sometimes like you will have an upset tummy, my kidneys now are showing wear and tear, although that is just power for the course. Opiates are the best medications if you tummy is too sensitive

    All the best


  • Hi Angeleyes

    I too am 48 and walk like an OAP! I'm on long-term sick, have now stopped getting sick pay and am waiting for an insurance pay-out which keeps being refused because I can still ride my motorcycle (sportsbike, leaning forward with no weight on my coccyx/lower back) for an hour or so, but cannot sit in a chair for more than 10 minutes. I refused to carry on taking tramadol as it make me more ill than the worst hangover I ever had and didn't stop the pain! I stopped ibuprofen as it upsets my stomach and didn't stop the pain. I was referred to the pain clinic in December and have my first appointment in April.

    I am afraid of having injections in my back. Do they hurt, do they work? Are there any side-effects?

    My doctors told me to take paracetamol and wait for it to go away. My physiotherapists gave up, my osteopath says it may or may not get better. My Occupational Health man tells me it will definitely get worse if I continue to work. And of course the insurance company reckons I'm taking the mick. Everyone has an opinion on me, but no one lives my life and knows what a struggle it is to get out of bed each day and keep smiling and keep hoping. Sound familiar?

    My advice, for what it's worth:

    Follow your gut, literally. Don't let them force you to take drugs that make you ill. Weigh up the pros and cons of each treatment, it's your body, no one knows it like you do.

    I assume you're UK based? Have you looked into Employment and Support Allowance? I rang up the Jobcentre Plus and spoke to a very nice man who went through various questions with me and now I'm eligible for contribution-based ESA. If you've been working and paying National Insurance and don't get Statutory Sick Pay (any more or at all) you're likely to be eligible.

    Give yourself something to look forward to every day. Sniff a pretty flower, watch your favourite TV programme snuggled up with a blanket, anything that makes you feel good. I'm very lucky: we have a lovely dog and a pretty garden so when the sun shines I stand outside and watch him play and just enjoy the moment.

    Try to achieve something every day. My goal is to scan/file/shred one piece of paper a day. It makes me feel like I'm still in control of something and moving forwards. I'm also feeding a stray cat and the joy I get from seeing his face become happier is one of the best pain-killers out there.

    You're not alone.


  • I like your reply...too tired to say anything now. But will get back in touch

  • Thank you so much I hope you get better ,please try injections I find they give me a bit of respite from the pain your story sound very familiar with mine I dint realize how many people suffer like this with so little help I wish you all the luck in the world

  • Hi Jules, I have suffered with lower back pain for over 30 years and like you, am paying the penalty for the high doses of meds now-my dr has diagnosed IBS but drug induced, he thinks. Injections? I used to get an injection straight into my spine every 6 months. It was painful but the relief I got for approx 6-8 weeks or sometimes longer was tremendous. It varied. Sometimes I got longer than others but they don't give you any guarantee that it will work as some people don't seem to get any benefit. Now I go to a different pain clinic where they give me injections into the trigger points in my lumbar area, usually about 4at a time. Again, no guarantees but I usually find I don't need as high a dose of meds to manage every day. I'm waiting for an app at beg of April and it can't come quick enough-should have had it in November and I'm on max tramadol , plus a whole cocktail of other meds to cope.

    You can only try it for yourself to see if it gives you relief.

    Look like an OAP? I'm definitely in that category!!! I had to swallow my pride and accept the help of a walking rollator 2years ago if I wanted to retain some independence and be able to walk safely outdoors. ( I'm 59)

    You gave lots of good advice in your post. Accepting that life has changed and looking for small things to keep spirits up, keep rejoicing and stay positive definitely help.

    Take care.

  • So sorry you are having such a rough time. The stress of possibly losing your job will not help your stomach problems either. Do get advice if you think it might be related to your health problems. My employer sent me to an Occupational Health board when I was recuperating from a double operation, apparently to establish whether or not I was fit to do my job, so I know what nasty tricks can be used. (I'm retired now)

    Are you on a high enough strength of Butrans? Maybe you need it raised. Also, ask your GP to contact the pain clinic by letter. I should have been seen in November but was told in Feb they are running way behind. My GP wrote a letter and I got an app in April so that was a positive.

    Learning to live with the changes is hard so don't best yourself up about looking like an OAP- there are plenty more of us like you!!!! I had to get used to using a rollator as the stick was not sufficient and the rollator helped my balance. I tend to make a joke out of it but I remember feeling very embarrassed at first, especially in my home area. It's either accept the limitations and enjoy what we are able to do every day or hide away, and I wouldn't recommend that(I've tried it!)

    I agree with the advice that you are referred to a rheumatologist as it sounds from what you say that it is an inflammatory condition. Sadly, we have to do our own research and make loud noises to get the correct treatment and see the right people.

    Take care and just take one day at a time-that's more than enough when you are in pain! Xoxox

  • Your not waffling..thats what this site is for. You have done all you can....can you get anything for stomach cramps..I take motillium when it gets bad. Drinking lots of water helps. You didnt say what the resulits of MRI were...even though it can be misleading also. I have had two back ops and really hope you can avoid that route....why have your last three appointments been cancelled? Is it down to cut backs? I am also seeing a that an option for you? We have to almost bed for help, its inhuman at times. Are you in England or the states..can be different approaches in different countries. Chronic pain has to be recognised as an illness in its own right..then we would have access to treatment quicker believed and understood.....I could go on forever myself. You keep in touch here...if it helps then its well worth it.

  • Firstly I thank you'll for the kind msgs and great advice I'm sending well wishes to all of you lovely people xxxx

    I will keep in touch and I will give reg updates ,I am going to use the advice you all have given me as soon as it get to my doctors and my consultant on 3rd April.

    I am truly overwhelmed at all the replies I thought I was so alone ,I am in the uk also

    Many thanks to all

    Angela xx

  • You are on the wrong treatment. Treatment appears to be a regime of drugs with no one looking at how you are using your muscles. The way muscles are used is a neglected area by consultants and physiotherapists.

    Try seeing a McTimony Chiropractor as well as an Alexander Teacher. The body is an engineering system which works according to the laws of physics and engineering. The oldest form of medical treatment is the laying on of the hands. Which still works because hand work helps undo muscle knots and often enables proprioceptors in the muscles to work effectively again. Pills cannot do this.

  • I have been to a chiropractor he didn't want to touch me until I'd been to see my consultant ,then I was told to take painkillers before I went for physio so they could do physio on me this isent right is it

  • It looks like the chiropractor did not want to risk being sued. He wanted the consultant to give the go ahead so that he had legal protection. It sounds like you have a complicated issue.

    The issue of taking pain killers before going to physio is definitely not right. Pain is there to enable you to register problems and to prevent further injury. There is pain from muscle not liking to be stretched and there is pain from I am breaking something. If you are on pain killers you cannot register I am breaking something.

  • Well I had a call from hillingdon hospital ,yesterday saying my appointment on 3rd April at 2.30 has been cancelled again ,to which I replied are you for real,your playing with my life this is the 3rd or 4th time I've had a cancelation she said I'm sorry but the consultant who does your injections under sedation is on leave ,I kicked off asked to speak to managers no joy there either ,so I argued for an app on the same day 3rd April I've have to have injections with no sedation now I'm scared stiff cause they hurt me last time but I can't afford to wait any longer just for sedation I'm crying inside I've had enough am I just a bloody number why don't they care fgs ,really sorry to rabbit on again but I'm so angry with the system I just wish I could afford to go private

  • IM on my way to see my gp today

    I wonder what's Instore for me today

  • I went to my gp today butrans has been put up from 5 mg to 10 mg

    She gave me 5 diazepam to calm me down and relax me

    Plus she gave me pregabalin two to be taken twice daily

    Can you take butrans and pregabalin together ?

  • Hi ,yes you can , i took both of those meds and tramadolas well .good luck.

  • go back to the doc and insist on proper pain releif, "Not leaving till I get it" kind of attitude needed here, as you Job provides for you. Docs bet bored with back painees, an jsut want you to go away.

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