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Back pain morning to night for 1yearandhalf


Hi, everyone for about 1year and half now I've suffered from back pain. I think I know how it developed, my job is to sit in my room all day everyday and I'm constantly leaning forward and can't seem to get used to leaning back as I always end up slouching. I've still got been to the doctors which is worrying as this has been going on for year now. I never go outside, I have extreme depression and anxiety. So I never get exercise but even if I tried to go get exercise my back would prevent me from doing that. I'm in constant pain and its always the worst towards the end of the day. Can someone please give advice, I feel like I'm going to be in this pain forever and I just can't handle it anymore. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.

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Hi Callum, sorry to hear about your pain. It's horrible and stressful. You say you've got depression but are you taking medication for this and which came first, the back pain or depression? Also, you haven't seen the doctor for this pain problem so it might be something to try to organise if you can. Both of these conditions can leave you feeling isolated so if you can manage to get to see the GP it might be a start on the road to feeling better? Meanwhile, you can alleviate some of the pain by lying on your back on the carpet throughout the day for 5 mins and stretching yourself long from tips of your finger tips through to your toes. It's a start but hopefully you can try to see your GP for some advice. Best wishes. :)

Callum100 in reply to Boozybird

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the kind words

Callum100 in reply to Boozybird

and the back pain definitely came 1st. I think being indoors almost everyday lead to the depression and the back pain just makes it worst

Boozybird in reply to Callum100

have you tried Duloxetine for depression and pain? It worked quite well for me.. ;)

Callum my friend, I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles. But first things first, you have all the symptoms of Depression , Anxiety, and Back Pain all seem to go together, first you must want to get better, and Movement is the thing with back problems, unless of course your doctor or physio told you to rest, or a diagnosis that makes moving a no no, and there is not many diagnosis's that tell you not to move.

Now only you know where you hurt the most, so the pain will tell you what your doing wrong, and as long as you do it gently and slowly then you will warm up and your circulation get's going and you will begin to feel better getting a grip of your problem , fighting it, that is of course if you can, but if you do , then you will take back control of your life, but you have to really fight and do listen to your pain, and avoid it, by moving in a different way, it's all about wanting to get better and that is the hardest part of all , sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but I have had back pain and depression all my adult life nearly , and it's bloody hard fighting it day after day, I know, so best wishes Alex

Physiotherapy, or chiropractor - and then take their advice and do all the exercises they tell you whether you feel like it or not. The absolute best thing you can do for a bad back caused by posture problems is the right kind of exercise - but you will need someone to show you what is right for your particular problems and check you are doing the exercises correctly. Once you start moving a bit better, then something like pilates, or alexander technique, or fitness yoga (a more gentle and less acrobatic form of yoga) or tai chi would help. Arthritis Care is worth contacting as they have people trained to do tai chi for arthritis classes which is a modified form of tai chi.

You should be able to self-refer to physiotherapy if you really don't want to see a doctor.

The other thing to do is to get some proper advice about ergonomics - how to make sure you have your desk, chair and work space set up so your posture is correct. Sometimes its very small and simple changes that can make a world of difference.

I think you've got the answer yourself .. Exercise. Your back is bound to hurt if you sit hunched up all day. Go to a physio to get suggestions for a course of stretching and strengthening exercises. It does sound as if its just to do with your posture and muscle tone.

I have a very bad back problem but I wouldn't miss the gentle stretching I do everyday for my whole body. It can hurt but if I don't I will end up ' turning to stone ' in other words getting stiffer and less able to move.

Its hard to take that first step, GP or physio but you will benefit and so might your depression. Exercise is so good for mood. Just a gentle walk to start with might help.

Good luck


Hi Callum,

Like you I have suffered back pain for a long time (mine is since 1976) and the best thing you can do is every half hour stand up and stretch all of your body slowly do not strain yourself just take it easy.

If you can the best exercise you can do is to go swimming before you go into the water notify the life saver that you have a problem with your back and that you may need help if your back spasm's which can happen if you try to do too much.

As you pain has been going on for so long you must see your doctor, tell him how long this has been going on for and that it is causing depression there is nothing wrong admitting that you are depressed which happens to almost everyone that has to suffer pain for long term most people suffer from depression sometime during their life I know most people do not like to admit they are depressed but to get the correct help you have to tell your doctor if you do not tell them then they cannot help.

good luck finding something that helps you.

Regards Poppy Ann.

As above, but i would ask for a MRI scan to make sure you know exactly what your dealing with.

If i had gone straight to a chiropractor it could of left me wheel chair bound if they had pulled me the wrong way

Hi Callum,

Chronic back pain and fatigue are horrible. I cause is the opposite of yours. After 40 years of hospital nursing....the last 20 working in the operating back is destroyed! My absolute last resort will be surgery however, 1st thing in the morning before I get out of bed, I do a complete body stretch from head to toe. I've had to modify my lifestyle and realize that there are some things I simply cannot do! That realization caused me to be very depressed.

Please find the courage to start with a visit to your regular physician. I began taking meloxicam and tramadol, doing gentle stretching throughout the day and pacing my activities throughout the day. Avoid any aerobics, Pilates and general yoga. I do gentle yoga, by following a special yoga exercises on a cd. I've had MRIs and epidural injections. But due to new insurance I'm being denied the MRI. I see and orthopedic surgeon who prescribed me a special back brace that has helped me immensely! He is also fighting the insurance company so I can get a new MRI and therefore begin my epidural injections again.

The hardest thing I had to face was accepting my limitations.......

So I urge you to see a physician and take it from there. I truly understand what you are experiencing.....I've been there......


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing pain. Lets see if I can help with a few words. You must keep active, I know from first hand experience that it's easier said than done. 20 years ago I played representative rugby union at international level, now some days I struggle to put a pair of socks on. I'm only 45 and I suffer with incredible back pain. Some days I am unable to stand upright, other days I'm OK-ish. I rely on cocodomal, methacarbomol and naproxen, prescribed by my GP. Some days it doesn't touch the sides, but I'd hate to think where I'd be without it. Alternate with hot and cold gel packs too, they do offer some relief.

I sleep very little due to pain spasms, I'm lucky if I have more than 3 hours and rarely do I experience deep sleep. The spasms and lack of sleep play havoc with my working life, but that's another story.

I spent 2 weeks in a residential physiotherapy centre a few months ago, and whilst there I suffered a minor flare up. They concentrated on teaching me relaxation techniques, which included brain training principles.

This is the silly bit - I bought 2 very large 12 foot maternity pillows, which make a great nest, and I have several fans that blow air and create gentle rattling noises around me. If I'm able to get comfortable and concentrate on the fan noise, I can induce myself into a pain free zone. It doesn't last forever, but when it happens it's pure bliss!

Also yoga seems to help, when I say yoga I don't mean head stands, just gentle stretching and turning. There are loads of videos on-line. I go to a yoga class once a week that is aimed specifically at back pain.

I also recommend a hydro-therapy pool if you can get to one. I go to a local NHS facility. It's a small pool where the water is at 35 degrees, it's very relaxing.

Just a few suggestions that may help you, I hope you can find some relief, but whatever you do, please go and see your GP.

take pregablin 150 mg plus acelophanac and poaracetamol tablets

avoid long sittig


do streatcning

and walking

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