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Hiya all,

It's been a while since I have posted last but I thought I'd drop by and give an update. Just a brief history about me, I've suffered Chronic Pain in my hips and knees since I was 14 and now I'm almost 36 with the Doctors failing to diagnose me in all those years. Well here's the thing, I saw a post on facebook a month ago about a clinic near me who were Specialists in treating Chronic Pain. They use a treatment called P-DTR (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex) and I must admit I went for my consultation with trepidation as I've seen so many so called experts over the years that I didn't want to get my hopes up, but after 4 sessions I can honestly say I am feeling so much better and in significantly less pain so much so that I've gone from taking my 8 tramadol a day to only taking 1 before bed. The difference over such a couple of weeks is incredible, my legs don't actually feel like mine or at least what I have been used to the last 22 years, they're feeling lighter and practically pain free. I'd recommend anyone who feels they're not getting anywhere with their GP or Consultants to have a look into this treatment. Even if it just eases the pain to a more manageable level for you.



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  • Lovely to hear your good news.

  • Thank you =)

  • I have never heard of this treatment. What does it involve ? I know that proprioception is about our ability to be aware of ourselves and the movements of the parts of our body and the effort put into those movements. I can't think of a better way of putting it at the moment.

    It sounds an important thing for us all to be aware of as pain makes our body move, stand and sit in unnatural positions which can become habits over time. I've not seen this available where I live unfortunately.

    I woukd be interested to know how you get on long term.


  • Hi Dee,

    It's a completely non invasive treatment which to put in a simple way is about resetting the nerve signals that are sent to our brains telling it to protect our bodies from a threat, which is why we feel pain so to speak. I can send you a link to the Clinic that I'm going to if you'd like to see & read more about it. It's quite fascinating how it actually works.



  • Please do Jo. I am aware that a lot of my pain is from neural pathways that have become ' habit' . They just don't know that it's time to switch off.


  • Yes they seem to think this was my problem, where I'd originally hurt my right knee my nervous system didn't seem to accept that the injury had healed which caused a whole new set of problems over the years. Here's the website of the Clinic I'm going to at the moment they have some informative videos on there. cardiffpainandperformance.com/ Hopefully you'll find all the information you need on there, but if not feel free to message me =)


  • Great news Lilcherub so nice to know that you feel so much better.

    Keep us in the loop and more detail of the treatment.( was it done privately?)xx

  • Thanks! I will keep you in the loop =) Yes it was done privately but six sessions cost me £250 and I'm feeling much better after just 4 sessions.

  • I will be asking my Chiropractor about this.

    Thanks for the info. Let us know how you feel after the sixth treatment.

    Also would you need to have continuing sessions. All the best.x

  • It's definitely worth asking about, and I'll get back to you after my 6th session. The Osteopath who does my treatment told me at the start if they can't help you within 4-6 sessions then they're unlikely to be able to help you at all. But all going well I won't be needing more than 8 sessions unless I go and injure myself ha ha!


  • Hi all just an update on my treatment now the six sessions are finished and I've had my monthly follow up after them. I'm happy to report that after 6 sessions since June and my first month follow up after my last session I am practically pain free. I still get a few niggles/twinges but I've been off my tramadol since July and life is so much better =). I honestly can't recommend P-DTR treatment highly enough. x

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