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Unsure about who to go to

I've been ill and in pain for nearly a month now, and have had nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, fainting fits, and cramps that feel a bit like period cramps. On top of that for about two weeks I was unable to eat very much at all, and have lost a stone in the space of just over two weeks. Luckily my appetite has come back now and the vomiting has gone, but I'm still incredibly worried and would love some advice.

I was seen by paramedics when my flatmate called 999 after I collapsed in the shower a while ago. I saw my doctor the next day and she gave me a little check up but found nothing out of the ordinary, and my bloods a while later came back as normal, but they haven't followed up on me?

I've now come home from uni and am unsure about re-registering with my home GP surgery, because I feel that I'll have to explain all that's been going on and get the same check ups all over again. I need to get a doctors letter for my university soon, and I don't quite know who to go to about getting that sorted (especially since its a private service at the surgeries)

I really just want to know what the hell is wrong with me, and why I still feel awful nearly a month after this all started. I can't be expected to miraculously get better overnight.

I'm even worried about being at home alone in case I pass out or fall and hurt myself. Still feel so weak and full of aches and pains and my head is killing me.

Please I'd really appreciate some help right now.

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The first two things that came to my mind was IBS and Crohns. I really don't know anything about either of these diseases except that they effect the bowels and stomach. You might Google them to see if they fit your symptoms.


Whatever this is, it reads like you need to register somewhere with a GP and have some follow-up in order to know what is amiss (plus, the need for a GP's letter to your university). Depending on your term times, will you need to make other arrangements for your exams?


See if you can get a motilty test, a stomach emotying eat a pice of toast with scrambled egg which has a radioactive dye in it and they xray your stomach every 15secs to see how it travels and whther food is traveling through the stomach quickly enough. this could explain your vomitting. You could have a virus though seeing as your symtoms have changed. A virus can last for months and has to leave your system literally! Hope you feel better soon.


First of all do register at your home GP surgery. They are well versed with the procedures of students coming back from university. Secondly, your records will follow you so you might not need to get a letter. See your home GP first.

Go and see your GP and don't worry about telling them everything that has happened. It might be that they can spot something that the first lot missed. This is very common in medicine, they use the watch and wait, because many things get better on their own. when they don't, as in your case, then they look again.

Depending on which system your GP and your university GP used, it might be that your records will be quickly available,(the benefit of having electronic primary care records in the UK) but if not, it is okay to have tests again. And even if they did have your full records straight away, they might want to do certain tests again to see if there have been any changes.

I know it is very worrying when we don't know what is wrong with us, but it could be something as simple as a virus that causes gastroenteritis type symptoms, and that can take a long time to get right because your good bacteria has to recover. Being light headed and losing weight is a normal response to not eating much for two weeks. You could be dehydrated too which causes headaches.

So try not to worry too much before you see your Home GP as that worry will be making things seem even worse. Try to eat well, drink lots of water and talk to your GP.


Your Uni should have a Dr, find out who and where he/she speak to your own Dr and give permission for them to speak to the Uni Dr..and vice vera Just as Cyberbarn mentioned, all good advice, it is all about communication, being in fear of your situation is no good to you at all..I hope you get organized as well as get well, furthermore get through to your finals..


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