builders and caffeine

Bit of this

I have been trying to keep the builders sweet by making them strong coffee. They are revamping the Nursery garden. Actually I am feeding them caffeine in the hope they will get a move on. There are lots of fag breaks and leaning on shovels. We are one of the lucky schools who have managed to hang on to the playing field.

Baby sat the grandchildren. Vigilance was needed to make sure no foreign object went in a gummy mouth. And whip out the pot before he realised he needed it. Being on the ball is only a thing I can sign up for for short bursts of time. My foggy brian seems incapable of concentrating for long. Perhaps I also need huge doses of caffeine then.

Bit of that.

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  • I can hardly claim to be perfect at typing myself, but your typo made me chuckle - or maybe it isn't a typo and you really do have a "foggy Brian" (possibly kept in a shed at the end of the garden)?

  • Whoopps! I do have a Brian though, he is the caretaker at school and he does add to my fogginess as he never stops talking.

  • Hi The workmen in my house installing my new wetroom have driven me mad with the constant breaks sos much so I felt the need to say so very wrong of me but just couldnt help myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Did your verbal encouragement shift them? If not you could try the strong coffee. B Be warned it makes no visible difference. But puts a smile on their little faces, so I reason any day now they will also get a spring in their step. I want the garden finished before the weather breaks so we can have a bit of fun out there.

  • I have a whole bunch of workmen building a tramline behind my very short back garden at the moment - well, for the next couple of years. The diggers have just stopped for the day. The noise is like standing next to a jumbo jet, and i swear that the floor was shaking earlier. They have a break at 10.30am and between 12.00and 1.00pm - I can tell because it all goes quiet!

  • Nip out and ask them for a pair of ear defenders. But seriously if there is one thing guaranteed to reduce me to a heap. It is having to cope with other peoples noise. I hope you get a bit of respite at weekends. And I should write to the local council and see if you can go to the opening ceremony of said tramline in leu of compensation. Worth a try. Perhaps you could even cut the ribbon and be queen for a day.

  • Ooh, I might just do that! Me & the neighbours had said we'd lie down in front of the diggers but that hasn't happened, and as there's not going to be any compo we should all be treated like royalty. Roll on 5pm when they knock off. Saturdays they're at it until 1.00pm. Am on a short fuse with pain this week - it's a good job it's so loud cos then they can't hear me shouting.

  • A vision of irate rate payers lying in front of the diggers made me giggle. Have you asked how long you have to endure this for. Mind you do workmen ever finish on schedule.

    Between you and me I have often wondered if wacky baccy would help with the pain. If it didn't get rid of it at least you might be in a different place. I bet at least 1 of the buggers has a stash?

    Did you hear a news report a while back about a milkman being prosecuted for supplying

    O A P's on his round. I kid you not. I thought it very enterprising of him. He obviously saw a gap in the market !

  • Any idea if the milkman does a round here in Birmingham?

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