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Shoulder and neck pain

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Hi there

I wondered if anyone knows the answer to this. I had an x ray on my neck and shoulder yesterday as have been having a lot of pain there over some weeks and getting worse. After she took them the radiographa said she needed tI get someone to look at them . Then someone came in and said they needed the room and the next minute she said she would get someone to look but not to worry. She said she would put them through as normal. Why say that then take it back? I didn't think they were the ones to make that decision? Confused

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I get shoulder pain from a slipped disc in my neck. But it could also be a bone spur, common in women, or arthritis/wear-and-tear. Maybe she thought the X-ray wasn't clear and she needed to do more then someone said they were fine. Radiographer are highly trained to spot things, so I wouldn't worry too much.


I do not know what to suggest, generally if there was a problem they would approach the Department who asked for the test, then decide what they want to do.

Most times it takes about ten days to get the results if there is nothing wrong or so!!. I would imagine they found something although not really serious. Although if you are concerned have word with the GP.

Who asked for the test, have words wth gp

They need to check that the films are clear enough to read. If its a junior radiographer doing them, then they usually need to ask a senior to check. It may have been that the person who did yours was pretty sure they were good enough, and due to demands on the room made the decision themselves that they didn't need checking on that occasion.

Thanks for that. Just being a worry silly me!

I was about to say the same as Earthwitch. A radiographer of any kind will not diagnose your condition, they are not allowed to. I have had Xrays every year of my life and thats over half a centuray now! All they would have been doing, as has been said above, is to check they are fully readable. Sometimes if a patient moves, or even breaths too much it can blur an Xray. Sometimes you get told to hold your breath as its only seconds, just like taking a photo.

If a photograther only took one shot and by chance they moved at the time the shutter clicked shut, it may blur the image and photo ruined, its the same for Xrays.

After you have your xray, the images are seen by a senior radiograther who then makes a report back to the doctor who requested them.

Please dont worry at what was said, it would have nothing to do with what was found or not found, just as to whether they got the whole picture.

I am surprised though at you being rushed out the room because they needed it..... Having as many Xrays as i have had in my life, i have often have to had retakes! They usually leave you in the room or waiting area just in case they need to redo them.

I hope that yours was fine and your results are on their way back to your doctor right now.

Take care xx

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Andielee in reply to fibro

Hi fibro

Thank you for your comment. I suppose was a little confused. Will find out next Monday. Sure it's fine

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Andielee in reply to fibro

Thank you hun xxx

I wish you luck and hope all is ok for you xx

Maybe she thought the X-ray wasn't clear and she needed to do more then someone said they were fine. Still If you are conscious then visit your orthopedic surgeon for the detailed treatment.

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