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Pain in arms shoulders wrists


Pain in my shoulders and upper arms like they have been pulled and twisted,sharp pain if i move wrong way,then in both wrists as if someone is cutting and tugging at them ,i cant sleep as it happens alot at night although i feel it there during day if i suddenly move or stretch ,it really hurts my gp came out as i also have severe spinal stenosis and can barley walk and he was at a lost he says more blood tests and mri scan,i already take naproxen, gabapentin, morphine capsules when needed and a patch and propananol when needed and it has no affect really on arms and wrists this as only come 8n last 3 weeks although other in my back had 18 months now thank you please advise any help welcome

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Ask doc to test for inflammatory markers and mention polymyalgia rheumatica to him. If it is that, It's very treatable but with long term steroids. Of course, you may have pulled a muscle or a multitude of other things. Best wishes.

High just had bloods done yesterday thursday testing for what you said and two other things and hes sending me for a mri i had thexe on my severe spinal stenosis but i am wondering if he thinks its spread i struggle to open a bottle of fizzy pop which my hubby says was not on tight my wrists feel like i have been shaking brown sauce bottle forever i have pins and needles at time they basically just hurt all over i have a pain free two hours a day when all the morphine ect as struck and i can lay and watch tv

Is the stenosis in neck area? If so, that could have an effect on nerves to arms.

No in my back with disc problems bulging disc crumbled disc nerve ending problems,

Thank you i shall mention it monday

That does sound like the consequences of spinal stenosis. It might be worth asking for a referral to a spinal surgeon or neurosurgeon for assessment. Sometimes something can be done to relieve stenosis a bit.

Thank you earth witch,i have spinal stenosis already in my back so is it a matter that it could spread my severe spinal stenosis is very bad in my back with my morphine i would be in no doubt climbing ones walls i am only 51 years young its all happened in the past 19 months that i put down to a dull back ache since then i have had bouts where i simply could not get out of bed and stand pain was so great,i could not move to wee they rUshed me into hospital when they eventually managed to get me down the stairs,at hospital i was tested for apendix, gall stones,kidneys stones i had x ray but never did they look at my back its only when i came home on pain killers 2 days later my own doctor sent me for a mri which found the problem,since then i had physio which i was 2 tender for,i am on morphine gabapentin Naproxen propananol for panic attacks,and i am in a wheelchair alot cHairlift and Had to have a sHower in ,so could this be the start of part 2 my blood tests are tomorrow

Spinal stenosis usually takes many years to develop. Its the body's way of healing by putting down new bony matter but unfortunately for some of us, this can mean that the extra bone presses on nerves and sometimes the spinal cord. It's is a common condition and to do with ageing. There is surgery in some cases, where the bone can be reduced and the pressure taken off the nerves, cord, wherever. Best wishes.

Thank you do you no theres so many things to take in ,theres so many things it could or could not be and when my gp says one week i think we are poisoning you with all the tablets and laughs it off then another time he sits and says i have not got a clue blood,test and mri and we will take it from there i am so down x

Be very suspicious of doctors as they say many things on different days and will wriggle out doing something if they can as their answer is drug's and to hell with the side-effects, ask three doctors you get three different answers, but to be fair there is so much that is dangerous in opening up your spine.

That said, I wouldn't trust a doctor at my hospital as far as I can throw them, due to their covering up for each other, and when it is happening it makes any consultation with any consultant a nightmare(even when they are just doing their job, once your trust for them is limited) for you only see the previous errors in your mind.

My last consultation with my neurologist ended with her shouting at me..."theres nothing wrong with your neck" after just admitting there was slippage (as she called it) well what do you call completely numb thigh and buttock and between under your nether region, for nigh on thirty years....well according to her my neck is fine , bloody woman I'm in excruciating pain and both sides of my face is swelling up if I sit too long, and unless I say that I have fallen since last Mri ( I assume) then they are happy to leave me as I am , Well I have not fallen, and my symptoms have been there for years only now it's become unbearable and still they hunker down, well I know the fact's and I bet they contradict what they are saying behind the scene...FACT'S ARE ALWAYS THAT... JUST FACT'S AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE THAT, BECAUSE I KNOW AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

Doctors...Hmm. sorry about that.

You have a rant ,i feel the same i am having a drip in my hand 16th april and every half hour i think it is somekind of steroid goes in to help ease my back pain ect according to my gp who came out he said this is what they say is last chance,i could not answer so i am li,e this forever ok i no i am anyway the hospital as said it can o ly ease my pain not stop it or make it better well there not doiing much of a job with that,some one the other day said aren't you lucky anew car on mobility you do t have to work LUCKY I SHOUTED IS WINNING THE BLOODY LOTTERY NOT THIs how peoples mind works is beyond me 49 fit as a fiddle 51 in may crippled luck

I hear you, as if the car can replace your life , but the thing is that people only ever get a fraction of the picture from their looking out their windows, or in my case sometimes following me to see if I may be lying about my condition and denying me the last vestige of independence.

But there is just too much bile around where disability is concerned, as nothing brings out the Bile, as you getting something they want, or that they think you don't deserve, I tell them no amount of money, (it's not like we are bloody rich, I'm bloody in debt) Bedroom Tax takes all my benefits money for rent £138 each month, so I'm not living High on The Hog, and the extra cost's for medical stuff is not cheap.

So let's hope Labour wins and keeps her promise.

What is there promise for us,I don't think anyone as followed us yet ,then again I don't go far,I had results back from bloods nothing major except bloods out of line whatever it means so it looks like it's a mri problem solver x

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