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Can any one advise pain killers for rheumatoid arthritis. Most ones I’ve tried don’t touch the pain

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I’ve tried ibuprofen, paracetamol, naproxen, gabapentin, co codamol to many to mention

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What other drugs are you on for the RA? What does your rheumatologist say?

When all the normal pain killers aren't working, it is time to dive into the Pain Tool Kit:

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Have tried Methotrexate,Hydroxychl, steroids did work and injections. Awaiting new tablets. Rheumy say their concern are my joints and it my doc for pain killers . Have tried ibrov , paracetm, co codamol, to many to list. doctor say she doesnt want to go down tramadol route. i need stronger as pain is horrid mainly in ankles. I will check paintool kit many thanks.

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I take etoricoxib, an anti- inflammatory, and paracetamol plus dihydrocodeine in combination. Most effective that I've found. Good luck!

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I will ask my doc if I can try them. Thank you