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Does anyone have experience with treating chronic post nasal drip, sore throat, congestion?

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👋 Hi! I have been experiencing post nasal drip for around 6 months now. It is causing me to have a sore/irritated throat. I have congestion and pressure in my nasal area, waking with a dry mouth and my ear feels blocked. I have so far tried over the counter steroid nasal spray, Avamys (GP prescribed steroid spray), saline sinus rinse and steaming. So far though nothing has provided any relief. I’m not sure what the cause is (e.g allergy, inflammation). I’m not sure what to try next, if anyone has any experience with this or ideas I would be very grateful to hear from you!

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My grandson had this and had his adenoids removed and gromits placed in his ears. He is now fine.

Thank you 😊

Could there be two different things, or something causing both the throat and nose problem? Have you thought about the possibility of 'silent reflux' causing the irritation?

I have this along with perennial rhinitis (like permanent hayfever) ... I'm allergic to histamine and a small bit for grass.

I'm on TELFAST, and have had several operations to treat this, but to no real positive results. Ive found since also taking montalukast (spelling... An anti-asthma drug) I've not had so many issues.

Occasionally I take a sinus pill as I get a lot of blocked nose.

I find a perm combination of the 3 good for me.

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I found no relief whatsoever. .until I was prescribed montelukast. Highly recommend it

hi katie,i am mad margaret. I must tell you I suffered terribly with what you describe all last summer and early this year. I tried an old remedy of honey and lemon which soothed things a lot. I had otc meds and stuff but cannot take some meds because i have Glaucoma.

Anyway, I found saline nose wash very good,and a Salitair pipe with salt crystals.But what has really worked for me was ditching milk in tea and coffee and on cereal. I now have a teabag with ginger tea bag with lemon and honey.I have been doing this for about 5 months now and am free of runny post nasal drip runny eyes etc. I seldom have coffee and always black coffee,and no milk at all. I do eat cheese but very small amounts. Do try tea with ginger tea bag and lemon and honey,it is so refreshing. Let me know how you get on ,but give it time, be patient. Wish you well, mad margaret

Hi there, if it's sinuses you need to get something to dry them up I take beconase nasal spray, or it could hay fever try some hey fever tablets , good luck.

I have the post-nasal drip too. Every night I wake up coughing something awful! I started taking a squirt of Nasalcrom (a non-addictive, OTC antihistamine spray) when I go to bed at night. Seems to do the trick. I’ve also read some people find a dehumidifier or air purifier helps them as they remove toxins (dust mites, mold spores, etc.) from the air.

Have you seen an Ear, Nose, and Throat Dr? I had this and they clear it up for me.

Hi, this sounds similar to my issue, I've had since last December, been to the doctors because feels like I have mucus at the back of my throat all the time and I need to swallow to clear it but comes back within a few seconds,

I also wake up every morning with dry irritated throat and deep hoarse voice, after a cup of coffee it eases slightly but pretty much all day I get the feeling of something running down the back of my throat and the need to swallow it.. think I might try some sort of nasal spray.

Hope you get it fixed soon .

Johnny x

Hi, thank you to everyone for their advice. Sorry I haven’t been back on here in a while. I just saw the ENT specialist recently and they think it is caused by acid reflux. It has now progressed to further throat problems such as mucus and coughing when eating, tight throat and wheezing, food getting stuck in throat and choking episodes. I’m really surprised that it’s down to acid reflux as I wasn’t aware I had this. I have been prescribed Lanzoprazole to try for a month. So far no luck! Does anyone have any similar experience?

Hi Katie.I have had Post Nasal drip for about three years now .All due to Chronic Rhinitis ,after seeing the ENT specialist . I have a prescribed Nasal spray, plus three times a year i can use Quartizone drops ( not at same time as spray) which i find helps a lot. Blocked Nose was my problem but now i do get awful wet cough from the Nasal Drip. I have found that if i use a Nasal Wash( Neilmed) which cleans out any rubbish it really does help. Don`t get that on prescription though.

Good luck .

Does your nose block completely ?

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