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question for anyone with chronic back pain

Does anyone know any good inexpensive products that take the edge off of back pain? i’ve looked into back braces, posture correctors and compression garments (i need extra support or as my chiropractor likes to say- “most people need wd-40 but you need duct tape”) on amazon but I don’t know what brands are good or if there’s anything else that helps.

My go to methods are a tennis ball, cold and hot pack, some yoga poses and marijuana but It would be nice to have something comfortable I can wear or something else I can take with me outside the house.

over the counter meds aren’t strong enough, I don’t want to become dependent on prescriptions (can’t afford it anyway) and topical stuff like lotions, cremes, gels and bath salts do nothing for me.

( I would go to a specialist but i can’t afford it)

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The causes of back pain are myriad. It might be worth going to an orthopedist or at least a GP to see if there is a treatable diagnosis and proceed from there.

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i would but i can’t even afford a consultation with a gp

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GP’s are free or do you live in the US?

If in the UK try your GP and if he/she is sympathetic they might send you to a physio who can work on strengthening your core which might help somewhat or to a musculoskeletal expert. Back braces are not all a scam in my experience but should only be worn for a short time as it discourages your muscles from working and only go for one that is recommended by a professional.

Having had a lot of hassle with my back I found that a tens machine does help somewhat (£20 on line).

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i’m in the states. i’ve tried a tens unit before but it’s not very effective an i can’t bring it anywhere with me. I’m trying to find a more mobile and incognito form of pain relief so I can last longer when I work or go out.

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Might I ask how is it you can afford marijuana but not prescription meds for back pain?

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1 gram of wax (pot concentrate) is between $25-$50 and lasts me several weeks. the last prescription I took was $800 for a bottle of 30 pills.

I will add to stay away from back braces shown on telly. last week (or the week before) there was a crackdown on a scam 'giving away' back braces sold through television. whenever I watch those ads I think, 'yes, transverse myelitis and degenerative disc will be cured by fabric strapped around my waist!' lol. I wondered what they got out of it... apparently it was insurance fraud. *sigh, people will prey on those desperate for relief.

have you tried walking aids? as etheral said, there are so many causes, so I don't know why you suffer, but it's a thought.

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thanks. I don’t really watch tv but i’m aware there’s scams. my joints shift if im in one position too long an my muscles have to work extra hard to keep everything in place so it’s pinched nerves an overworked muscles. i haven’t heard of walking aids but i’ll look into it.

You are asking an impossible question. What is causing the back pain? Once one knows that one can then determine what is needed. You need to get yourself assessed by medical person. Then it is a case of help with muscle control.

is worth looking at. A lot of back problems is muscle related. A lot does not mean all.

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it’s not impossible. i’m not asking for medical advice, just suggestions that work for other people i can look into. i would go to a doctor but i can’t afford a doctor.

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Thanks for the reply. Go to your local church and make enquiries about free medical care that is available. Hopefully the person running the local church will know who to go to. Lots of countries have medical care offered on a charity basis.

There are whole number of things one can do for problematic backs. However, what works well for one sort of cause could do damage for another sort of cause.

Hiya, horrible isn't it. I have just ordered a pelvic support belt from Amazon, my version of duct tape! So will see how that works when it arrives. Cant hardly walk at mo so any improvement will be great. Other than what u r already doing I don't know what of luck with feeling better soon, would love some marijuana myself but no ideas how to get it!


Hi, I would go to your Doctor to start because you might be able to get a NHS Exemption Certificate with this you can get your prescriptions at no charge. I approached my back problems a different way, I found acupuncture worked but I also realised that putting my shoes and socks on was stretching the muscles in my back to much. So I started slipping my shoes on by tying the laces loose so that I could slip them on and off. The socks were a bit more awkward I dragged my foot backwards across the carpet so I could put the heel of my other foot on the sock and pulled my foot out. To put them on I got a device from the complete care shop which helps puts socks and stockings on and I got a grabber to pick small items up. The Website for the shop is and if you get the exemption certificate you can get these items Tax Free.

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is this certificate a thing in the UK because i’m in the states and i’ve never heard of an exemption certificate.

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Sorry I didn't realise you were not in the UK

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it’s fine

You might try organic peppermint oil. It kills pain and takes only 2-3 drops a time. Also rather than commercial asprin, white willow bark is the natural asprin and is inexpensive.

Wish I had an answer for you, as I have suffered back pain my whole life. I use a chiro, and natural products. Best of luck finding a comfortable support to wear, as back pain seems to have control over everything you do. But I will never take pharmaceuticals for any reason! Also if you haven't already start taking magnesium!!! It is needed and no one gets enough today. Take one am, one pm...if it doesn't give you loose stools increase to one am, 2 pm. This should help with some relief.

I have two herniated discs and hyper mobility syndrome so backs are my speciality and love to help where i can.

So... back brace... amazon... the big thick ones that look like corsets, they may look uncomfy but it keeps ur back straight and strong .

Also u mention marijuana i think u mean cbd oil... so i get mine from cbdbrothers and buy the 500mg dutch mouth spray.. three sorays under tongue JOBDONE! Works a treat.. its a anti imflammatory so stops u having to take naproxen or ibuprofen which gave me liver failure so i try natural. It take couple weeks to work but when i does u wont look back. I take no other medication at all.

Hot baths, epsom salts and lavender oil.

A good massager ! Got mine from amazon again it big and it gets into where u need it so u can find ur spot and really relax it out.

Also a good osteopath! Or chiropractor whatever u find works for u. Mine is a osteopath and he literally saves my life

Once a fortnight.

He told me yoga and i been doin that for two years now and thats amazing i even have hubby doin it for his bad back and his has gone.

Anything else U wana know please ask or pm me

I have suffered with back pain most of my life,ruptured discs, fractures etc. I find that a heated back belt (from Liddl or Argus) helps immensly with the pain. It wraps around you and fixes with velcro. I also use the back belts that weight trainers use. These wrap around your body and fasten with velcro. They give good support and are very cheap(about £10) e bay sell them.Type in back supports and you will get a variety come up. I sleep in my back belt,its a great help.

I understand where you are. Some therapy services seem good if covered. Before diagnosed i had physical therapy with heat, ice, bed that vibrations. Meds not sure yet. Cost!

Probably not a great help, I use a hot water bottle for my back, heat rub roll on I don't no if you can get it, it's on Amazon anyhow. All the best. K

I have an inversion rack that decompress my spine. Feels great just before bedtime.

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