Does anyone on here have bursitis on their hip?

I have had X-rays to see if there is any arthritis in my hips/pelvis. Apparently they are clear. A physio said once it maybe bursitis! How do you find out? Can anyone tell me what the pain is like? I've looked on line but its not explaining the sort of pain you get with it, if you know what I mean! Anyone help??? Please.

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  • Hello BOB here


    Bursitis is the fluid that surrounds the joint, If this is the case you can treat it by rest, and taking NSID s Sometimes the fluid can become infected so an antibiotic can be prescribed.

    Treating the basic complaint as mentioned earlier, can be straight forward, you can use cold compresses that contain ice, or other substance, local pain control can be taken like paracetamol or other types you may prefer.

    Sometimes if the fluid becomes problematic the doctor or hospital will insert a needle into the swollen area and evacuate the fluid, that generally will be pink in colour, this is not to painful although a little alarming when the syringe needs emptying a few times. People who exercise can get this condition in hips,feet ankles and is caused by damaging a joint while doing exercise

    It is important to rest the joint while the bursis is active, swelling may stay a while after the infection has gone

    Pain is this condition can be uncomfortable, although personally it is not chronic as you should return to normal after rest. You need to understand that the area that surrounds the joint if not rested can cause more problems that you would prefer to avoid

    Hope this will help, if not sure it may be a good call to see your GP.

    All the best


  • Hello,

    I had bursitis of the hip a few years ago, which was very painful mostly at night. I had an injection and it really worked and lasted for a long time. Now joint itself is playing up, but I would recommend seeing your GP. i was referred to Rheumatologist, who did the injection - steroid I think.

    I hope you get some relief soon.

  • Thank you. I'm under pain clinic for my back and thought it was the arthritis going into my hips/pelvis. Just wondered who diagnoses it and how! I have an appointment with go next week, so will sort it from there. X

  • Hope it gets better. Take care.

  • I have just been diagnosed with hip and knee bursitis plus I am recovering from a broken ankle. A week ago my rheumatologist gave me steroid injections. I was wondering how long did yours take to kick in.

  • Hi I have bursitis in both hips. I've been told a usual bursa is like a shrivelled balloon filled with water but mine is like a shrivelled balloon filled with sand. Steroid injections have helped me although don't last very long. There is no cure but will burn out but that could take 20-25 years! ! This is how I describe it: when you lay on your side and repeatedly raise and lower your leg then eventually your hip will feel like it's burning. Mine feel like that all the time. When you walk you can feel a sharp, burning type pain whenever you take a step. The pain does vary daily. Also you can't lay on your hips for very long as it hurts. Mine was diagnosed by MRI. Hope that helps.

  • My pain isn't like that, my hip feels too heavy to move when I'm laying down, to turn over is a painful thing to do, also the muscle hurts to touch like its permanently bruised.. And keeps wanting to spasm!!! When it's really bad it's a burning aching I get!!!! So doesn't sound like it could be that :-(

  • I do get the bruising to touch pain and problems turning over. Ask for an MRI

  • I had MRI in march for my back problems! I didn't have this problem then! Ah we'll will ask doctor, see what he says. Worried its going into my other one now!! Why does this happen!!!

  • I had bilateral hip mri. Don't know why it happens my hip joints are fine. My right one hurt first now my left has started too although scan showed both were damaged. I have low back, pelvic and pubic bone problems so been told it's all linked. Never rains but it pours. Also causes big problems sleeping as there is no side I can lay on!

  • I gotta be honest I'm better sleeping on the side that hurts! But sounds like I'm like you!!!! Take care. X

  • Ive had bursitis in both hips for 9 months now, still as painful despite 3 lots of steroids and initial rest for 4 months, and walking no more than 5 minutes for another 3. I find LIDOCAINE (VERSATIS) patches at night really help. Do you think I am sensitised ie. have permanent pain signals there now? The pain management nurse advised me although Versatis go on working after you take them off, they are most active in the first 4 hours. So now I cut them in half and put the second halves on after 4 hours, getting much better relief over night. I have also just discovered a great cold spray called Biofreeze. Lots of nice Botanicals in Alcohol it lasts quite a while. The brain gets cold signals before it gets pain signals. Biofreeze is from Amazon and cost about £5 for about 120ml. Much cheaper than those cold patches that cost over a pound each!

  • Thank you for that. X

  • I have had bursitis in my right hip for many years.I cannot lie on my right side,nor can i bear to lean against anything,its painful to the touch.My pain consultant injects it with steroids which help dull the pain for a while,but pain never goes away.Hope this helps to know you are not alone.

  • I have bursitis in my right hip and have done for 26 months now. (have also been told very early signs of arthritis too). It hurts like hell when I move however little. Ive had steroid injections useless, physiotherapy twice (useless) MRi scan didn't show much a lot of agony (pain). swelling and reduced movement too. every painkiller going including morphine and anti inflammatories. I can exercise properly because of the pain which has resulted in me putting on some weight.

    Have you been to your doctor and told him because they will know if it is they know where to press on your leg hip area.

    Its the worst pain I have ever had and I'm still suffering.

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