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Does anyone else have vibrations throughout their body?


On top of all my pain I am now getting severe vibrations and throbbing throughout my body like someone has put a tuning fork/mobile phone in my body.. I never knew how weird the body could get. They seem to be getting worse... especially at night when lying down and then my legs get an electric shock which lifts the leg..

I'm not sure weather this is related to all my back pain or to an operation but it's horrible....

I wish i could switch off from all of this. Some people seem to be amazing at doing so but i am not one of them..

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Hi Rocky1...

I don't get vibrations through the body, I get spasms, on which do the same, they cause leg, arm etc etc to jump like a reflex, yes they are sore, it also can come over as having a stroke or even having a epileptic fit....

I hope this helps you a lot....

Take care


Rocky. I wake up through the night with these kinds of vibrations when I gave been using my tens unit. It stopped me using the tens as it was so unpleasant. Luckily I was correct in my suspicion that it was the tens as the tremors stopped after a few days. I suppose it could be muscles trying to relax after stimulation from tens or from being tight all day?

Hi Calceolaria

I don't use a Tens machine and the vibrations are non stop all day. I do think it's nerve related but it's such a horrible sensation.. It feels like a warning sign...

What does doc say ?

I'm awaiting a couple of tests so will see. it's just scary, barely any part of my body is my own any more, but I'm sure lots of people on here feel the same. it's hard not having the control over it all

My husband suffers with similar sensations although perhaps not quite as strongly as yours are Rocky. In fact reading your post reminded me of when it first started in his legs. I told our GP that my husband laid in bed with his legs vibrating, at least that's what it felt like to me. It is more noticeable when he is resting. He had surgery on his spine years ago and we thought it was related to that. No one has ever given us a reason why it is happening. They prescribed Gabapentin to control the jerks that he gets, sometimes his leg will start jerking as if someone is tapping it with one of those hammers Drs. use. He now has cramp type sensations in his toes and hands as well as tremors, and still jerky legs on occasions. Neurological tests show nothing being wrong with his brain and the consultant put these new cramps down to either his meds or Chronic fatigue syndrome.

Well I do have cramps type & burning sensation in my legs and feet, tremors, & the jerking, and my body vibrates and I do have Chronic fatigue symptons. I have had a diagnosis - which has been questioned, but I won't say what it is - no point prejudging. Please post when you get an answer - thanks.

Hi I get that vibrating sensation in my groin/pubic bone area and thought it was just me. I don't get any pain with the vibrations although I have a degenerative pubic bone pain. Sometimes I think it is y phone vibrating in my pocket! Very strange!


have you had tests for neuropathic pain or autonomic problems. I have a feeling in my arms from time to time as if someone has plugged me in, my arms jerk badly, but I was told this is from a nerve in my neck. Occasionally I have felt as if I have an electric current running thru body which is most unpleasant, cant remember the name..dysesthesia .. strange sensations.. theyre not kidding

I get pain and vibrations throughout my whole body. For four years I have seen endless doctors [even went private out of desperation] and none of them have any idea what it can be. Tried all the usual meds, Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Tegretol and Amitriptyline. Nothing works. Only thing that I have found useful, is to lie down on my back and meditate.

coshca in reply to seaton

Hey this may sound strange to you.. but its called spirtural awakinging. Look it up. Ive did endless doctors for years. Its notting to worry about. Just go with it

Mhueb91 in reply to coshca

I’m experiencing the vibrations, too. Same story as Rocky1. What do you mean by spiritual awakening? Doctors have tested for everything with zero diagnosis. It is getting much more intense. Looking for answers. Thanks. especially when no doctor can find a reason for the symptoms!

I get these vibrations or buzzing sensations throughout my body from time to time and I thought it might be related to blood pressure. Never said anything to my doctor because I thought they would think I was crazy. Apparently, I'm not the only one! No pain, no old injuries either, but from my research, it sounds like nothing to worry about.

Hey Rocky1, i’m Just seeing this post for the first time. It’s been 5 years. I am experiencing a very similar phenomenon. Are you still on the site? How are things?

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