Anyone with chronic pelvic pain syndrome/prostatitis?

Hey there. I am 22 years old boy having these problems (sexual dysfunction, perineal, genital, abdominal, low back and pelvic pain, problems with urination etc). Sitting worsens this and lying down longer too, it took my life. Anyone else dealing with this? Mine is seems to be triggered by an infection after chlamydia. How do you treat this and what are the most effective ways to deal with this? Any nerve blocks, surgeries, anything? Antibiotics, painkillers and similar pills provide me no relief... They offered me amithryptiline for neuropathic pains and I am not so happy to take this...

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  • Am sure someone posted about this a few weeks ago!

    Suggest you look at old postings and hopefully you will find it.


  • I think you maybe on the wrong forum for your probs - I am sure once one of the admin team see your post they may be able to direct you to the one you should be on.

    Sorry to hear of your problems and hope something will help you fight these conditions. Take care 😘😘

  • I have pelvis pain but it due to fibromalygia

  • This may not be what you want to hear, but I'll say it anyway.

    I was exactly the same, I got the symptoms after Chlamydia. Had symptoms for about 4 months. Checked my prostate in case it was that.

    I no longer have it. Its all down to muscle tightness due to stress. I get it in my neck too. Focus on slowly relaxing every muscle down there. Many times a day. That's what I did.

    I think it was triggered by being disgusted that I had Chlamydia, and then the disgust turned to stress and I kept clenching the muscles. They're very weak muscles and get strained easily, and a strain leads to pain and worry and more clenching. I sometimes start clenching there again, just like my jaw and neck. But focus on calming down.

    It's something a worrying, anxious person has to deal with. But it will definitely go. I guarantee.

  • Hey Gregvex. Did you had exact the same syptoms like me after chlamydia? This is really killing me. How do you relax these muscles and how long did you had to do this? I can't stand this anymore...

  • It was a couple years ago, but hot baths helped a lot. You just sort of release the muscle you use to stop peeing half way through, if that makes sense. Keep making an effort to do that and it'll eventually get the picture haha it took a few months. And obviously no sex or wanks or anything that causes you to tense up down there.

    I know it's vague but it's purely a mental thing.

  • That's not a nice way to answer a person back 😡😡😡 you are very arrogant and ignorant.

    Hope the admin take this down and soon. 😡😡😡

  • He hurt my big time by comment like this. I cried today with my mum because I ended up living a cripling 4 months because of this. We cry almost every day, as there is no hope and cure... And comments like his really do hurt, deeply in my heart and soul... But, this is life... 😔

  • BaneBane - if your comment was in response to a nasty post on here from someone last night (now removed, it looks like) then I reported that as soon as I saw it. He was obviously a horrible person. It looks like he's been removed from the forum completely as a post of his I answered last night has gone completely too. So please don't worry about nasty people like that and what they say. It looks like Gregvex has given you some good advice here anyway.

  • I've sent you a PM. 😘

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