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Pain in neck and back of head

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I often get pain in neck and back head pin pain and sometime throbbing, i ran into all test but all it came out its due to anxiety, i have stopped taking antidepressant thinking to cure on its own but pain persists since 2 years, Also whenever i get cold it will run back of head that i can feel. Any one come across with this same problem ?.

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This I think is a muscle control problem.

You say: "all it came out its due to anxiety". Please can you expand. You are right to feel anxious. It is not right for the medical profession to try and label you with a psychosomatic problem. Muscle control problems are not psychosomatic.

Hi Johnsmith,

Thanks for your reply,

Yeah initially when i got this back head ache and neck pain i was overthought and nervousness even now what issue i'm going through in, i didn't sleep for 2 months continuously and less appetite sometime i got tremors during sleep, my GP told all because of you are so much stressed nothing to worry just stay relax but i'm unconvinced with my worry, then he sent me to Neurologist for just my peace of mind, he has done EMG and EEG test to rule out major issues then he conformed its anxiety related given meds to heal this issue, a week after he given injection back of head to relax muscle but it was calm for couple of months but again triggered when ever i get cold or strained in some activity my head and neck pain starts.

Good thing. EMG and EEG test rules out major issues.

There are two approaches and you probably need both. See a chiropractor to remove any muscle micro cramps. A micro cramp is where a group of muscle fibres have got over contracted and need manual help to uncontract. Drugs cannot relax over contracted muscle.

Muscle has nerves which tell it to contract. There are no nerves in muscle to tell muscle to uncontract. Sometimes what happens is the nerves tell the muscle to over contract. Muscles rely on the springiness of ligament, tendon and fascia to lengthen the muscle out again. Sometimes the means to lengthen muscle out is not available. Hence the microcramps. The micro cramps need to be manually worked on.

The second approach is that the head which should be balanced on top of the spine can for various reasons not be balanced on top of the spine. When this happens muscles have to support a heavy head. Muscles are not designed for long periods of support. This problem has a knock on effect effecting a lot of other body structures not to the good. An Alexander teacher can help with this.

Very good tips and i respect, Thanks much for your kind help.

Have you tried acupuncture or dry needling to release the tight muscles?

I appreciate your suggestion. I haven't tried this, will try. Thank you

Hi there, if it's a muscle problem have you given baclofen a go it helps me.

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Yes i was given baclofen but not that effective

Have you had a mri scan on your neck

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Not yet, but have to go check if its even worse

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