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neck pain


Hi, has anyone got/had pain in the back of neck going down the side muscles (mine is my right side) I have had this for MANY years and it stops me getting quality sleep as it is worse lying down and I'm conscious of it even when asleep, sometimes it is unbearable lasting all day other times I can ease it off with gels or movement. I have been to GPs over the years and told it is muscle tension or migraine its definitely not migraine as its in the family I had it from being a child I know migraine well. Just seems I am meant to live with this pain without knowing what it is.

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I have had pain to to the left side of my neck that began with numbness to my jaw. I have been on Gabapentin and Hydrocodone for the pain, and even sdded muscle relaxants to no avail. They are doing a cervical MRI now...

Try going to a good orthopedic MD as well as Pain Clinic.

Good Luck!

Deni52 in reply to Greatwhite

Thanks for your reply, I did go to a pain clinic and they gave me a tens machine which I already had at home, I should look into an orthopedic doctor maybe, but getting appointments may be difficult in the present climate. Do you have any thoughts of your own as to your problem, muscle bone, trapped nerve or whatever? its frustrating to have something so long and not get to the cause.

Greatwhite in reply to Deni52

I I've had totally get it, I've been a chronic pain patient 20 years. It is so frustrating and makes me so angry that doctors will not listen to their patients. After seeing so many different specialits, mosy think it's in your head. Was the TENS unit the only thing they tried?? Have they done any imaging studies?

It definitely sounds like you need an MRI Scan and an appointment with a neuro-surgeon.

I’ve had an ACDF for brachalgia and myelopathy and the symptoms sound very similar.

Are you dropping things or knocking things over which you usually would not?

I hope you get sorted as mine improved my quality of life greatly after surgery.

hi sorry to hear of your suffering sadly I`m suffering pretty much the same had bloods twice came back clear and was recently told it was a muscular problem on the phone.

Yes neck pain can be quite debilitating. I have it on my right side as well. I have had this condition for about 12 years. It contributed to my migraines but was not the cause. I had an MRI done and have 2 discs that have have cervical degeneration plus a bone spur. This causes my right side neck pain and pain in my right trapezius. It will never go away. I manage it through ongoing, physiotherapy, topical pain cream, heat and lots pillows for support. That's about it. Hope this helps.

Hello, I have had neck pain also for a few years. I have recently bought a pillow on Amazon which gives you support when sleeping. Sleeping on back or side it deffinatly helps. Also I purchased a neck /back support for when sitting. This is in the shape of a wedge, with a separate type of pillow, and it does give comfortable support. My pain is still there, it is deffinatly alot less and tolerable. Do some research with Amazon, it could be this type of support could help you. All the best.

Deni52 in reply to ashton12

its been interesting reading your comments and I can relate to them all, yes the tens machine was the only thing offered and I only had one appointment, myelopathy is a possibility but its never been suggested. Every blood test comes back ok apart from Gilberts which doesn't cause symptoms ( but try telling someone with Gilberts that). My pain started late 80's its unbelievable we can go on for a long time often unaware of the cause. Ah pillows I have spent hundreds on pillows the last one was last week but its to high for me, I will look for the type you mean Ashton. I have also got a back support harness its ok but it doesn't get to the root of the problem. Thank you all so much for sharing as I said sometimes I can't believe I have had this problem so long with no definite diagnosis, when I dont have the pain I feel fine with the pain everything goes on hold until it goes, its good to get empathy from people like yourselves. Does anyone else find laying down is more painful?

Hi I have neck pain too. Mine irradiateS to left side, shoulder, arm and ribs and Now dizziness. I had an MRI in the past and it has showed arthritis. All pillows Tried, trigger my pain. Does any one else experience dizziness?

Deni52 in reply to Sal53

snap, if I look back it hurts and can causes a quick severe buzzing type dizziness

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