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Lump back of neck

Hi all, so for about 5 weeks now I've been suffering pain in my neck, chest, collarbone, shoulder and down my left arm into my wrist and fingers accompanied with tingling. My neck also hurts when I stretch it, particularly when I lean it forwards.

I went the doctors and she implied disc herniation and said it should heal by itself but now I have found on my cervical spine just below my hair line a very hard bump which is tender When I press on it but I can only feel it when I lean my head forward. My neck is also tender to touch on the right side but no bump and the pain can radiate up the back of my head and cause tension in my forehead.

Should I be concerned or is this a symptom of disk herniation?

I'm also 25 and healthy, I'm a tattooist/artist so my posture isn't amazing but I work out 4-5 times a week.

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Ask your Dr to do active Vit b12,folate ,ferritin,iron studies,Vitamin D,MMA,homocysteine levels.Sadly vitamin deficiencies are not screened for neither are symptons recognised.Nerve damage occurs & surgery is offered with no relief.Both my hubby & I have permanent nerve damage thanks to misdiagnosis.


You must go back to the doctors and ask for an MRI scan. You need information to make decisions. The diagnosis disk herniation does not tell you anything constructive.

Where is the herniation? What did you do that caused it in the first place? What activities do you need to do to prevent this damage being repeated elsewhere?

You may need to take up learning from an Alexander teacher how to improve your working posture and how do you work out activities better. You cannot make a decision on this until you have more information as to what needs investigating.

Hope this helps.


Try to improve your posture I know it sounds lame but if you added yoga into your work out you would feel the benefit. Your job requires you to be in one position for a while then moving on to another yoga would give you the flexibility to do so. I was a chef for over 22 years and yoga was amazing for me. I'm disabled and I do a disabled yoga class again it helps prevent the muscle from getting over tight.


I agree with Marylyn, (the tests needed.)

Also B12 can be associated with the tingling you mentioned and there can be a B12 Deficiency connection with spine damage, back pain, slipped disk, herniated disk pain.

Idea to do some googling maybe Rachymom. ?


Hi honey sorry to say this but I've had this condition for over 15 years and what you describe is what I have down my right side all the docs say is that it is part on the condition . I find potting something cold on my neck helps ease the headaches it's like constant pressure. I also have lidocaine patches for when it gets bad . If you can so ford it go to a good bed shop and try all the memory foam pillows I have a soft one and it makes a difference , I don't wake up so stiff in my shoulder I wish I could help you more but no one seems to have the same opinion in the medical profession as to what the cause is and how to treat it . Sending warm hugs and best wishes that you find some thing to help . Jo xx


Thanks for the replies everyone I appreciate it, I'm going back the doctors next week because I can't see this getting better on its own, I've avoided using weights when exercising but still doing the motions.

Last time I saw the doctor she mentioned anti depressants for the nerve issue but I really dont want to go down that route!


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