Pain in my left hand


I just wanted to enquire some information about me having a serioius pain in my left hand,even if im not doing anything,its been a week now that i can feel the pain well every single day.. There's numbness especially in my little finger and my ring finger,i feel like there is needle pain in my hand and especially my little finger,which sometime i can't move my little finger.. Please let me know what exactly it is.. Thankyou

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  • You should see your Doctor about this as it could be any number of things that could be causing this. If it is nerve pain for example it could be anything from your neck down to your hand that is causing the problem so guessing what would help you on this site won't really help you. But if you can tell us what is causing the problem this site is very helpful with different ways of doing things and treatments then this site is very helpful because we have all learnt different ways of getting round the way we do things to help us deal with pain.

  • Okay... Thankyou so very much.. I will surely do that..

  • I had pain and pins and needles in same fingers and it was all from my neck. Could be a number of other things though x

  • Thankyou ...

  • While your waiting to see a doctor you could try pressure point therapy on you tube to see if that helps. X

  • Thankyou will do that...

  • hi there, i also have this in my hand, i was diagnosed with carpon tunnel...prob spelt that wrong!! so i had to get a steroid injection i the wrist, its a trapped nerve in the wrist, i also have 2 bulging disks in the tip of my spine and bad arthritus in the bottom of the spine!! life eah!! lol....any solutions are greatly appriciated, yes u should see your doctor about carpon tunnel..x

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