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Diabetic nerve pain

E I have diabetic nerve pain in my feet and all over also fibromyalgia I've been taking Lyrica for the at least 8 years I have a new doctor now my other one went to India now the new doctors will refuse to give me my Lyrica and it's a month before I go back to the pain clinic I can't just call my pain doctor and say I need Lyrica because my MD will not give it to me because they don't do it that way besides it's 30 miles away and I have no transportation what to do

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I can sympathise with you as I suffer from diabetic neuropathy pain and don't know what I would do without my lyrica tablets daily. I hope this can be resolved for you soon my thoughts are with you


For your Fibromyalgia all over pain have you had your thyroids checked ? If you have and your Doctor told you that your bloods were 'NORMAL,' having NORMAL thyroid bloods does not mean that you don't have Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) sadly many Low thyroid patients get 'overlooked' by Doctors and then go on to have fibromyalgia, yet told nothing is wrong with them, do visit the Thyroid UK forum also on here Health Unlocked for more advice on Fibromyalgia, many have overcome fibromyalgia.

My all over fibro pains went overnight once I was on optimal thyroid medication, though even then I still had to push my Doctor to 'UP' my medication if not I would still have my all over fibro pains, if I forget my medication my pains all come back straight away. Also Fibromyalgia can be down to low or deficient B12 or both Thyroid and B12D and on top many also find they are low or deficient in vitamin D.

85% of us here in UK are either low or deficient in vitamin D and many don't realize they are.

Some fibromyalgia cannot be cured, but again many don't realize some fibro's can be.

You need to ask your Doctor's receptionist for a printout of all your recent blood tests done and their ranges. I always do this now as do many patients who need to take control of their own health.

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Beware. I have been gradually coming off 600mg/day of Lyrica since Easter and it's been a nightmare of withdrawal symptoms. I'm now down to 50mg/day and I'm still suffering intermittent problems. Show your new doctor this and there are plenty of NHS websites that warn about the difficulties. However, one possible way out is that GPs will no longer prescribe 'Lyrica' but they will prescribe the drug under its generic name: Pregabalin. Try it.


However, Pregabalin is very expensive so your GP will likely try to put you on Gabapentin instead (at much less cost to NHS) which is just as hard to "come off" and has the added joy of piling on the weight. Looking through all these posts for the last year+ I , who suffer pain and other effects of Fibromyalgia, have NEVER come across any of these opioids and anti- convulsants that : help anyone permanently, have no side effects and do not eventually cause further unpleasant side effects/illnesses.

I have just experienced the most taumatic "withdrawal" from Co-codamol. I had been taking it for just 6 months and never more than 6 a day maximum. I know all of us are different (sick of hearing that since its bleeding obvious) but if that is an argument then why are we all being offered the same old drugs over and over when they are at worse useless and dangerous, and at best slightly effective for a short period of time? Because no one Is doing research into Fibromyalgia? Because the majority of sufferers are women?

I will be on no drugs at all from next week, having had the shock of realising how dangerous most of these painkillers are. But I am researching all the material I can that there is "out there" because my health IS my own responsibility and, although I suffer like anyone else from brain fog and utter exhaustion. When you start to take control of your own health it at least makes you feel less trapped, less in the hands of the HUGE, seemingly uncaring world of doctors and medical burocracy (sp?)

I have many links to help me that I am happy to share if needed. I don't blame anyone, the NHS is great for straight forward problems. But one size doesn't fit all and they have neither the time nor the resources to customise health care for the individual.

Sad for all the suffering I read about.


cross check have you tried to get your vitamins and minerals checked and supplemented with whole foods natural options. lack of vit b12 can cause nerve pain, best taken as an injection or under the tounge. also get mycoplasma bacterium checked. Coastwalker points at the thyroid, while at it also check your adrenals. Find a doctor specialist to these things ....get well


There can be another cause for your nerve pain.Have your Vitamin B12 serum & active ,folate ,ferritin,iron,MMA,Vitamin D ,thyroid levels attended.serum B12 < 500 nerve damage has already occurred in spine.Low Vit b12 causes nerve damage to nerve fibres anywhere in the body ,hearing,memory,sight loss ,muscles,gut disorders..Check for facts.Chelated magnesium is given for muscle weakness,twitches,cramps,irregular heart rate.


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