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My research helped my severe back pain!

Hey guys!

I'm happy to say that I have done some significant research into the pain medication I was taking for my lower back pain for the last 4 years. I won't give details of where I got all of my data but I found the Royal College of Anaesthetists most helpful.

Above a certain limit, the research shows morphine drugs like my Oxcontin can do more harm. The truth is, what took me down this path is my pain was getting worse and we had increased my dose. I had clearly developed hyperalgesia as there was now pain in my arms!

At this point, my DR took full control for a while and he stopped the instant release and just kept my instant Tramadol with the Oxycontin that have always helped. My DR had always let me take a part in my treatment as he said 'it had always been reasonable'. I needed to know more now and that was fine.

After my research, I then took some control again and started to REDUCE the Oxycontin dose and my pain was more manageable again and the hyperalgesia went away! Today, my pain is so much better. I'm combining extended release Tramadol and Oxycontin. Getting the SSRI effect for neuropathic pain from the tramadol but over a longer time.

My dose is not conventional but I'm managing more on my old tramadols then large doses of Oxycontin. I think its vital we take a role in our care and give out as many suggestions as we can think of, if they come from science.

Last, I have the pain clinic in December and I feel stronger going to them 'less debilitated' because that just makes me feel out of control and too vulnerable.

With my pain, Its been 4 years and this has been my first breakthrough because I was willing to say that I messed up, go away, think and come up with another idea and just try it. Knowing my GP for over 15 years has probably helped.

Positive vibes!


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I am so happy for you and since I had to basically diagnose my self about what was wrong with me. I do agree we need to have control as to what is going into our bodies. Since we are the ones that have to live with it

Congrats 🎈🎉🎊

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awww thanks. Take care and I shall leave this open if you want to share. x

What is the underlying cause for your pain? I have gone through the same route but eventually had to throw every pill in the bin. Yes I still have chronic pain but my medicine is now functional training and keto diet. Pain sucks life shouldnt. The hardest part is to change your lifestyle..I cant run..walking feels awkward..The gym..cycling and yoga is my pill..keeps me ok for 48 hours..then on it again. Tramadol and opiates will eventually screw EVERYTHING up. Take care!

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My back-pain is to do with my facet joints in lower back. Overloading they I have had an MRI and two years of physiotherapy but it didn't help much. The combination of a lower dose of oxy and the long acting trams has been just right. I use normal tramdol for any BT pain. Like I have right now after I tidy my place all night! Wishing you well.

That's great Jake and I am so pleased for you. Haven't seen you for a while and was getting concerned you were ok. Take care. x

I have done similar and am opoid free now.

That pic is absolutely charming!! Love it!! I have backache almost constantly. Diagnosed curvature spine aged 11. Now have Osteoporosis, and a host of 'add-ons'. I stopped Tramadol after just taking 1. I was walking on the ceiling! I take extra strong, prescribed Co-codamol and liquid Morphine, when I just can't hold out any longer.All the best for being pain-free.

Glad to see that your research helped. Your next step is to try the complementary professionals who work with muscle behaviour to reduce maladaptive muscle behaviour.

Look up Alexander Technique, McTimony chiropractor and Thomas Myers. I use Alexander Technique and McTimony chiropractic as part of my pain control regime.

Google "Meditation_A_Way_of_Awakening_-_Ajahn_Sucitto.pdf"

This is one of the best books on meditation and mindfulness that I know. It is a free download. Mindfulness will help you with developing tools to help observe what you do when you do it. With the help of such tools you will develop the ability to pick up something when "it is an ant" rather when "it is an express train". You can stop an ant. An express train just has too much momentum.

Hope I have been helpful.

Went to a chiro and he further damaged 2 discs in my back, I would never recommend a chiro, made my back much worse as did spinal steroid injections have facet joint arthritis and 2 herniated discs.

Hi Jake thank you for sharing your story. I had a back injury almost 2 years ago and I am finally healed by the grace of god!Here was my recipe: prayer protein rich foods,physical therapy, glucosamine pills and natural bone broth. I didn't rely on pain medicine that much cause I knew it caused more harm than good but I looked for a more natural alternative. I ate fresh bone broth weekly fo about 8 months till my husband was souped out lol. Natural bone broth heals your joints and fights inflammation which causes pain.I also took Glucosamine Pills for my bones and excersised by taking walks in nature along with physical therapy. I am now at the gym exercising 5 days a week and have no pain.

I wish you favor and good health!

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KandiKandi in reply to Lyneet

Thank you for sharing your “recipe” of pain management. Sounds very reasonable.Think I’m going to give it a go.

Thanks for sharing it. Back and joint pain can be caused by various injuries or conditions that, regardless of the factors that cause discomfort, can become unbearable for those who suffer daily. At present, there are many cases of people suffering from daily back pain or problems in their bones or joints, which start in multiple cases with a bad body posture, so a resource is needed to reaffirm the bone structure. To keep your back strong, practice proper posture, exercise to build muscle strength & hold your back straight when heaving the heavy objects. NYC Stem Cell Institute is offering effective non-surgical treatments such as stem cell therapy in NYC for back pain relief.

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Everyone may experience back pain at least a few times in their life. From falling or simply lifting something the wrong way, back pain can be prompted by a number of reasons.


I am extremely happy to hear that you have found what works for you! I have a herniated disc in my cervical spine which has led to arthritis. I have tried numerous medications and treatments, and they are all temporary fixes, or they didn't work at all. I was never given the option to take actual pain medication. I was put on Cymbalta to help with the pain, however, the medicine does not help like I was hoping. I still get headaches almost daily, my arms and hands hurt, and the muscles in my neck feel like they are being pulled in every direction. Some days I want to throw in the towel.

Your post gives me hope that one day I will find what works for me, too.

Thanks for sharing!

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