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Pain clinic at last

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It's taken three years to get to this point and I'm glad that my GP tried so many other options before it came to this. He has referred me to a pain clinic. No idea how long it will take. My fear is that the pain is worse after three years and it's hard to show people what that feels like. My 60mg of OXY in the morning can help with waking up in severe pain but any extra activity like tidying up will require me to take 20mg instant release OXY and to stop. Some days I'll need all of that and 400mg of tramadol on top with a TEN's machine.

I try to play music on my keyboard to build up my music sample packs for others to enjoy and because I can't sit up straight, I can't even do that. It's really upsetting me. I bought these silly gadgets to hold my iPad up at eye level and tilt my keyboard up but it still hurt. This pain has already destroyed my 20 year love of photography (holding straight, twisting turning etc is so painful). Editing at a desk is so painful. I thought I'd go back to music as I could do that in bed and save the results for others to use in their music.

I can't take more loss from my life. I've no family, no friends and the creative things that have always been there for me, are vital for any reason to live.

I hope the pain clinic can help reduce my pain once and for all. I thought bipolar was hard. Actually, chronic pain is just as nasty and can be worse when you can't even create when you want.

Best wishes!


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Oh Jake I didn't realise you were so severe and I couldn't imagine having to live like this. I really hope you find some answers and that the pain clinic can help you. Take care. x

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Thanks. It's crept up on me and got worse and worse. Some could say the DR didn't really keep an eye out on me. He said he thought I had been on these strong painkillers for a year when I met him last week. I said it's been 3 years!

That surprised me to be fair. Wishing you well.

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I have asked you never to comment. Just making things worse when I have already asked. Delete it please.

How awful.. so sorry to hear, .i have been battling for a year now to get pain relief or even pain management , so far it's going through deaf ears

I have been living with osteopenia in my hip and two prolapsed discs middle to lower back and now onset of osteoarthritis . Can't take any painkillers other than paracetamol due to other chronic illness. I can't get out as much as i want, i can't even plan anything as i don't know how i am going to be .life can be so cruel.. hope you don't have to wait too long ..

So sorry to hear this, Jake. I had not realised things were so bad 😐.

You mention that there is no family or friends on the scene. I hope you don't mind me asking but do your family live far away? I imagine it's difficult to form and maintain relations when your pain is so extreme and your battling your bipolar. However, I want you to know that I admire how honest and resilient you are trying to be. Pain affects everyone in different ways and for many, they do nothing to try and help themselves. I don't mean this to sound derogatory, just some people do not have the tools or coping mechanisms to try and confront and find ways of dealing with their suffering (my mum being one of them). However, it is clear you have tried many things and still fighting, even with the issues you have. This shows just how much of a strong person you really are😊

I've never had any direct experience with pain clinics other than in a professional capacity. From what I can decipher, they are very good and will explore many options with you with regards to your pain management plan - pharmacological and non pharmacological. Likewise, they will keep a close eye on you which, from what I can see with your message, is well NEEDED. Patients often report back a feeling of control and support when they are under the pain management teams and it's of massive help that they get to know you (something I've often found lacking with GPs).

I pray that you're not waiting too long and that you will soon, be able to re-engage with your interests and passions. It is these things, as you rightly point out, that give us that quality of life.

Big hugs

Cat x

Good luck .im actually goin to pain clinic .ive got my appointment in just over a week .not at hosp but a docs surgery .hopin i get some relieve .

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Cat197 in reply to Patches12

The good thing about the pain clinics is that they can keep a closer eye on you and offer alternatives. GPs are great and they are now trying to take an holistic approach when it comes to pain management. However, the nurses that form these teams are well trained and it is a pre-requisite that they engage in evidence based practice. In other words, they will have the knowledge, skill and expertise to develop an holistic plan based around your needs using up-to-date research.

Hope it goes well for you!!! In time, you will be able to impart your newly found knowledge on here to help others x

Is live with chronic facial pain and some days I can't even lift my head face of the bed I finally went to the pain clinic last week and they want me to learn to meditate not sure how that will go for me in the long run. I really feel for you as chronic pain has ruined so many parts and family relationships in my life so just hope you get the treatment and some relief.take care Keeley x

Hi Jake. Sorry to hear about your pain condition, but glad you got referred to a pain clinic. Hope they can help you.

May I ask what type of pain you are suffering from? Neuropathic?

All the Best

hi Jake. I can emphasis with the loss of the things you love best. Just a pity that we didn't want to spend our time in inactiviity.

Sometimes the best thing a Pain Management clinic can do is to offer psychological help as well as practical suggestions for self management techniques. I went hoping for some magic medication or treatment. Steroid injections worked well for me but sadly that magic pain killers was not on offer. I did meet other people who helped me feel less isolated.

I hope that you will try anything on offer and gain some assistance for what sounds a very difficult situation.

Wishing you well


hi there i am living with the pain day in and out a few months ago i got a new pain in my leg and foot i could not stand on my left leg until the morning tramadol and gagapethion and codeine kicked in doctor gave me a new pills it took about 2 weeks for them to work i only have one at night and it worked a treat on top off that lot well at the beginning of this had 1st opp and my my what a difference it made to me i was a cripple before it and then i was like a new person after it and went back to work for about five years and it went again had another opp but by this time i was past saving so now i manage it in my own way i did the pain clinic thing but for me it did not work but other people it has worked for so dont give in and think there light at the end well pain free or reduced pain that you can live with and have a life again

Hi jake, I hope you don't wait too long for your appointment at pain clinic,I have been attending a chronic pain clinic for about 3 years now, at a hospital about half an hour from where I live. I have had two full knee replacements,I am awaiting a replacement of my left hip I suppose the right one will follow.I have pttd in both my feet,cervical spondylitis,lots of things going on in the lower back,bulging discs,fibromyalgia,along with a few other bits n pieces.when I first went to the clinic,they gave me loads of acupuncture on my back,along with steroid injections in differentertainment parts of my body.the consultant I see is a anaesthetic consultant so he really knows what he's talying about when he sorts out my pain relief,he has talked me into having a couple of procedures on my spine,I have total faith in him he has helped me so much.I hope you get the same sort of help

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain , good you have referal to pain clinic. I really suffer myself , nobody understands the pain. Some days I get through but others it depresses me so much. I’m on 60mg morphine daily with liquid morphine (oramorph) for breakthrough pain, then 1000mg anti-inflammatories, 3600mg gabapentin, 30mg baclofen,

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