Severe back pain disappeared

I'm in total shock, my back has been horrific this last month with severe pain with trying to walk even 10 feet and just started PT ..... Guys, most of y'all know I've been suffering for about a month with lower back pain...horrific sciatia just started going to physical therapy etc. Last saturday my grand baby got hit by a truck right down from my house and I got up and took off running.... I don't understand it's been about 5 days now and I haven't had any kind of pain sense, stopped the pain pills, no need whatsoever I also have a consult to see a surgeon they had also recommended epidural injections in my back which I hadn't had yet... This is the weirdest thing, any ideas what happen? Grandbaby out of the woods, we think she will be ok... One other thing which was concerning me is I was dragging my left let...No More?

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  • Fantastic news!

    I can only surmise that withthe shock and sudden activity you have corrected a 'strain' that was there. Maybe a bit like a chiropractic manoeuvre? ??

    Hope your grandbaby will be ok. Awful shock.


  • Adrenaline?

    And what Madlegs says, maybe you had some cramping muscles that you stretched out running. I really don't know, but wouldn't recommend it as a way of treating back pain!

    I hope your grandchild gets better soon, that must've been a shock.


  • Glad you're feeling better. Would not recommend it but am so glad your pain has subsided.

  • No I didn't share this for anyone to try and do what I did because I didn't do it on purpose to relieve back pain and mine was severe.... I have heard of things like this in the past like a woman lifted a car off her son etc. never believed it would happen to me...I kinda feel it is somewhat Adrenaline related but it's been 5 days so I'm just wondering if anyone has had this to happen to them....

  • So very happy for you pain free and that grandbaby is ok!

  • Terrible for you all Nuse1946, I do hope your Grandbaby bounces back OK, no doubt a shock to your system too. Check your vitamin D blood levels. my sciatica , lower back pain and more went overnight once on a good safe dose of vitamin D3, no doubt Doctors would be horrified at my dose, but when I forget to take my new (safe) up to date modern dose of D3 my pains all come back within that day. for safe up to date modern doses and to check out their blood range chart for vitamin D too.

    Not saying your ailments are down to a vitamin deficiency nurse1946 because we are all different.

    Also idea to check B12 levels too as spine injuries connect to B12 deficiency.

    Note:- being 'low in range' on both vitamins B12 and D can cause problems, though you might be told only under range does.

  • Thanks so much Coast Walker and you has got me to thinking.... I'm all into natural and I figure my body was out of balance, now it's not... I take it all even high dose vit C, D3, garlic, natural anti-inflammatories, Boran, 5-HPT, Cat's Claw, etc.......... a couple days before the accident I started back taking Colostrum... which I think is the strongest immune system strengthener in the world, it's the clear liquid from a woman breast after giving birth I got mine from Amazon because I wasn't really having any problems other than ageing ;-) ... I've ruled out the theory of something popping into place due to my particular disease process, possibly Adrenaline but I am still completely pain free... Coastwalker, the pain I was in was horrific for almost a month, my doc insisted I take the 10mg lortab every 4 hours regardless and had a consult with PT a surgeon which I would have refused, did that 10 years ago a completely disaster. I don't know when I might get another flare is the reason I'm soooo want to figure out what doc even mentioned she would like to do another MRI just to see but the insurance wouldn't pay... she made a point to call me 2 days in a row to ask about my pain, we both figured it would hit me like a ton of bricks the next day or so... Thanks so much for your comment, you may very well be onto something my friend ;-).. Grandbaby is good, no mental deficits which is a blessing...she's out of Ped ICU

  • Silly me nurse1946, I now realize you are pain free, not still in pain Duh!

    You have had a miraculous cure, could well be down to the colostrum and everything else you are taking. Also exercise is meant to help pain and stiffness. Good to hear Grandbaby is now out of ICU.

  • Thanks you ;-)

  • Seems to me something was out of alignment and when you started to run and moved in a sort of different way it realigned by itself. Good for you

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