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New here and have a weird sort of coccyx pain, help!


Right so I'm otherwise relatively healthy, I do sports, but haven't had any injuries.

About 5 months ago I noticed a pain around my coccyx area, that feels brused. I work sitting down, and it only really gets bad after a long period of sitting, then it hurts to stand up, walk around and sit down again. There's no position that really helps. I'm fine at my dining table and the sofa.

If I push down when the pain is bad (like pushing to go toilet sorry if tmi) something clicks, like when someone clicks their joints.

I have mentioned it to my GP when I first noticed it and she said to give it a few months. Well it's still there. It's in-fact worse now as I've been off for a month, during which time it didn't hurt btw. Now sat at my desk it's awful.

What should / can I do? I'm worried the doctors won't pay attention as there's no start of the pain; like an injury.

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I would go back to the GP. you've done what she suggested and it hasn't worked so you want to know the next step.

Hi Farahzia,

I would try an osteopath and/or a physiotherapist.

All the best, Edythe

Sounds like your chair at work is exacerbating the problem. Maybe try a different chair or try altering the angle of the one you gave got if you can or try sitting on a cushion to see if that helps. Good luck.

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