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Severe pain after 6 mos post TKR please help!

Hi all. I am 6 months past TKR of right knee. After 3 months I felt great. Then after a long car ride with many stops to walk around and exercise I developed neurological burning pain throughout my body. I saw a neurologist and am on meds, but knee pain started up again and I went to surgeon to be checked out for possible infection which proved negative. That was 2 months ago and now pain is so bad that it's worse than before TKR. Even when I'm sitting it hurts. Anybody in similar boat? Thanks!

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You felt great but your body wasn't ready. Little and often and gently.

Steady as you go.



Thanks Jim. I'm worried that I have an infection or my neurological problem which started right after operation is the cause. I'm calling my surgeon tomorrow and hopefully will be able to rule out infection.

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I have had both TKR done at different times of course. I was told no lifting for three months and exercise under the direct supervision of the physiotherapist.

It's 4 yrs for left knee which functions better than before and I can kneel on it and was able to do this within 12 months post operation.

It's three years for right knee. As there was little of my own carlilage left to join the replacement knee it's taken different milestones to function the same as the right knee and have only just tolerated starting to kneel on it without feeling nauseated.

Life takes a different way in the recovery road and everyone of us is different. Be gentle with yourself.



Sorry that should read left knee - especially after I checked my spelling


See a McTimony chiropractor. The jarring on the car journey could have caused you to over-contract muscles in various places. You need to lengthen these muscles out. The chiropractor can also give you a second opinion to take to your doctor.

Hope I have been helpful.


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