Day 3 of diverticulitis attack pain with severe bck pain that's gotten worse

I'm having serious concerns now because I'm on day 3 of treatment and my stomach pain is getting better while my bck pain is gradually getting worse does anyone know if that comes hand and hand with the diverticulitis or should I be really worried because I'm on pretty strong pain medication but my bck pain is getting horrifically worse I kno it's gonna take time to get better but my stomach pain was severe and now that feels better but my bck feels like it wants to break in half with really bad muscle spasms around the lower middle spine if anyone is experiencing this please let me kno i need alil support are I need to kno if maybe this might be sumthing serious cause I have numbness and tingling down my left side they didn't say anything when I was in the hospital besides it's the diverticulitis that causes horrific pain please help if anyone has any suggestions

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  • numbness and tingling doesn't sound good. Can you call NHS24 or get advice from someone?

  • I've been dealing with this for years it's jyst now it's gotten to the point where I can barely eat walk stand do day to day activities I have so many other health problems that are really similar to the diverticulitis like GERD and acid reflux I thought that this last attack was acid but now it's diverticulitis I jyst wish someone could point me in the right direction and I don't want the hospital to think I'm crazy I'm in a lot of pain

  • Go back to your doctor ASAP or the hospital

  • Agree with fishnchips - if its that severe then you need to either phone the emergency number or go to an emergency department. You need a doctor to check you out just to make sure it isn't heading for a medical crisis.

  • I've been to the ER and the treatment was antibiotics and pain medication which stop working this is day 5 and it feels like my spine is gonna snap in half I'm trying to at least get more then halfway through my medical treatment so when I go bck to the ER so they can't say I haven't completed my medication treatment I've never had pain like this that doesn't ease up or go away

  • Hi i know you posted this some time ago but what was the outcome? what was the cause? And are you ok now?

    Angel Blessings


  • Hey I found out that I had diverticulitis and then I had a rupture in my colon wall which was causing me to go into septic shock but the only real cure for this is having the surgery the infected diverticulitis cut out I still suffer greatly from this with severe pain day in and day out

  • ive suffered with diverticular disease for years and ive had many flareups where ive nearly died ,trouble with this disease it can be life threatening and can cause ruptures in your colon which also happened to me. the way doctor described it to me once pain starts ( which always starts in left side groin area) you have 24 hours to get treatment or it can turn to peritonitis which can kill you . my surgeon has advised me not to have surgery cause after ward you still have all the same symptoms but wont be life threatening anymore plus i was told it was very high risk surgery which i might not even survive & could end up with permanent storma which is a big fear of mine. ive not had attack for few years now not sure why, but i hardly eat now and must eat high fibre diet. avoid been constipated also avoid small foods like nuts ,sweetcorn , as these can get stuck in ruptures and cause infection.... like me your lucky to be alive

  • Oh my word how lucky are you to be alive???

    I am so glad you sought help when you did.

    My heart goes out to you and i wish you all the best the world can offer you bab.

    Angel Blessings x

  • I thank God daily but I still have no relief haven't had surgery yet but this is a painful illness to have and thanks for ur concern highly appreciated and may God bless u

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