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severe pain of the hip

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I have severe pain in my left hip I sleep with a pillow between my legs at night but the other night I woke up in so much pain I could hardly walk to the bathroom it also hurts to touch it, I need to mention I have hurniated disc disease , spinal stonosis and arthrites in my back but the pain in my hip is aching , throbbing pain it also feels heavy to move with pain I was thinking it could be bursitis but not sure can anyone help me?

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It could well be bursitis which is very sore.

Obviously first port of call is your GP. Xray will rule out disintergration of your hip. There is an injection..therapeutic diagnostic....which gives more indication what is causing the pain.

Bursur can be removed but as they often come back this can only be short term fix.


Sounds like my hips that gave me so much pain... was living on extra strength Tylenol & Advil.

The pain radiated down my leg, to my lower back and but...always hurt!!

I had arthritis that ate away the cartilage.

I had 1 total hip replacement done 1 1/2 years ago. I still need the other one done. (It is as "bad" condition as the other one was...but I am trying to put it off as long as I can.

Go to a good rhumunologist... if they suggest replacing the it. Mine feels good now. Now I don't take pills very often.

The recover from surgery was difficult, but was back to work in 2 1/2 months.

In my retail clerk work, I am on my feet all day. Hope you feel better

.. or get a new hip replacement!!

I’ve got the same I’ve had it two years now it’s awful, but unless you go to the doctors you won’t know, it could be referee pain from the other problems but I would definitely go to the doctors and get it checked out

Sounds like you need a hip replacement, but it might not be that severe. Go to your gp

nikki2318, sorry to hear you are having a bad time with your hip. You mentioned a lot of diagnosed issues. My brother had the same kinds of issues and he just got hip replacement. He was mowing the yard after 6 weeks. I was shocked. Years ago I had pretty bad hip pain, don't think as bad as yours; mine was from fibromyalgia. Best wishes for some relief; I hope they can eliminate your pain. Red

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