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Sharp pain in right hip before ejaculation


Hello everyone,

This is my first post. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I have a sharp pain in my right hip when I reach the point of no

return, just before ejaculating. The pain lasts until after ejaculation is


The pain is situated in the hip area, right under the skin. It feels like a nerve is

burning, but I'm unsure.

The pain started appearing as a tingling sensation some 20 months ago and had now reached a point where it is nigh unbearable.

Does anyone have any ideas on what might cause this?

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I certainly think that you should mention this to your GP.

Could be muscle tightening but first port of call must be your GP.

Pat x

I have asked my GP what it might be but he has no answers for me. He doesn't really know. I also asked another GP about it but he has the same answer.


Sounds like your hip rotated the pain you have said common finding anteriorly rotated left ileum there are some exercise you can do they are on the net

I'd ask for an MRI because it sounds like it has something to do with the nerves in your spine. My bf had back problems without even knowing only symptom was he felt like his balls were in a vise. Good luck as it's not a good feeling. xxx Mitzi


Good luck with trying to get a MRI on nhs it's like getting blood from a stone


as someone has already suggested it may be muscular spasm but what about pudendal nerve entrapment?

you'll find other symptoms here - might be worth taking a look

Good Luck

I have the same problem. I went to the doctor and it's caused from a pinched nerve in my neck.



Did you get any answers from your GP whats the cause?

I have exactly the same issue u descriping.

Hi, I had issues with urination frequency that ended up being my stomach, i was given pills and immediatly after stopping them, 2 days i had painful bladder and painful ejactulation exactly as you describe. H.pylori bacteria had taken over my gut and after 6 months I cured that while eating very clean. The problem is i have constant inflammation in the gut and bladder area and this seems to have radiated to those muscles that are connected to the gut and prostate. When the prostate contracts the pain as you mention starts. The worst thing to do is have sex. Try to find the route of the inflammation or why that muscle is injured and avoid ejactulation so it can heal. If you habe any food alergies or stomach issues this could be the problem. Try eating an elimination diet, avoid sex and gently try to strengthen those muscles while stretching. If you cross your feet and reach with your arms up towards the direction of the crossed foot you should feel tense in that area of the hip. This could take a year. But you must avoid the route of the problem and not strain it any futher until it heals.

Cyclone82 in reply to ckrd

yes i have this right now. and i have problem with bacteria in my gut. everytime i have ejaculatation it hurts on the right side of the hip or lower back on the right side. so are you saying i cant have sex for a year to get it healed? this wont go away after your gut gotten healthy from GERD? any exercise to improve this?

I thought it was all in my head. I have the same problem.

Jay7519 in reply to DaveQ

Have the exact same thing now ,, very puzzled with this

I have the exact same thing now ,,, it only happens when I ejaculate,, get this pain in my right hip at the top 🤔 ,,, very puzzled by this

I also have this exact same issue where I get shooting pain in my right hip before and during orgasm then fades away quickly. Any ideas for treatment and what is actually wrong?

I play soccer all my life and before got the same pain on the right hip ( same situation), my doctor told me I have an overused hip from soccer , after couple of months I start having the pain in the hip.

I am 40 and played some professional soccer as well and had twice groin injury in last two years, which may be related to the pain.

Obviously your muscles are contracted when you ejaculate and closest muscles, like hip muscles are contracted as well.

If I was you i would have an MRI, to make sure there is nothing wrong with Hip. Then go backwards, check muscles for tears.. etc...


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