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Still have knee pain

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My G P gave me an injection into my knee cap five days ago, this is for osteoarthritis. I was told it may be a couple of days before I felt less pain but my knee is really painful to touch still and it wakes me at night on turning over. Am I expecting too much and too soon? I would be grateful to hear from others who had a cortisone jab. Polly X

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I had steroid injections in my knees done by the physio for my osteoarthritis and they didn't touch me I'm afraid. They don't work for everyone.x

I've had them in my hand, thumb and shoulder and they've not helped at all, I'm not going to bother with them again, waste of time.

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Deejojo in reply to bantam12

I’ve had loads and they don’t help him believe me I’m waiting on a knee replacement but won’t do it till I am 65 and I’m 61 this year

I have had several in my big toe. Sometimes the inflammation is a lot worse for a few days, then it slowly gets better and suddenly I realised it had worked. Other times it was barely noticeable, and it worked, but then sometimes it didn't work, and that was when they decided that I had had enough and I wouldn't be having any more.

So give it a bit more time before you go back to your GP.

See a sports masseur. Pain killers or anti-inflammatories cannot cause muscles which are over tight to become looser. They need someone to stretch them out.

Cortisone is known to damage ligaments. Look at

Also worth seeing an Alexander teacher for help with muscle control.

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