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Knee pain

It's been 5 days since I've been in this pain. I decided to be active and run our subdivision and run in the treadmill. Ever since then I've been in pain. I went to the doctor and he said that its tendinitis and I've done something to my patella. He wrote me out a pain reliever. It's not working at all. My knee is swollen and I feel like something is moving even when it shouldn't. I'd love for some advice to know what to do.

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Whatever it is you need to go back to your Doctor. Tell him the pain relief isn't working.

I would suggest resting it - raised on a stool or chair with cushion underneath. Cold compress like cheap bag frozn peas applied will help swelling temporarily. You may need anti inflam meds.

But go back to your Doc asap.



Hi chelsea18, do you think you may have fluid on the knee? To check try pressing down gently around the swollen area and if your fingers leave a dent mark behind you more than likely have fluid on your knee. This will need removing by your GP. The trouble is with docters they will try allsorts of meds and bandages etc before sending you for ex rays or scans so they dont waste money but as the weeks go on and the pain is still there the frustration hits and you feel like telling them to just get on with it lol. Go back and tell him that you can feel something moving and that the pain meds are not working..


As the others say back to DRs ASAP or A&E if any worse or pain. Perhaps an anti inflammatory and ice pack or bag of frozen peas. Definitely no exercise but perhaps very gentle stretching to stop it locking up completely. Then after docs physio if offered or a sports clinic but plenty of rest right now

Good luck Patrick


I've done everything that all of you guys have said and nothing is working. It's actually been a week since I've been in pain not 5. I honestly don't know what else to do


I find heat is better than cold on my knee. Gels rubbed in help too. Sleep with a pillow under or between your knee. An orthopaedic referral is what your gp should be arranging for you now. Good luck.x


I can also feel a popping noise when you bend and straighten it out and I can watch something move out of place


Hi, I've been in knee pain for 5 years after cartilage clean up again cartilage clean up

finally knee replacement to no avail, I have had today 15th June 2015 a Genicular nerve Block

Now I can get up from the chair and walk a lot better and NO PAIN !. Do make an appointment with your Pain specialist, It might help


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