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Knee pain

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Hello all

Anyone else have pain in both knees, pain is worse in the morning, when using stairs & getting up from sitting for a while. Its driving me bonkers. I have to strap both knees up to be able to do my job or I'd never manage the 20 odd stairs I do in a shift but I do suffer for it after.

Any advice on how to relive the pain a bit especially at night when I'm trying to sleep..I already take paracetamol, codeine, gabapentin & amitriptyline for my back which I injured over 6yrs ago in a lift accident.

Knee pain has been going on for 2yrs now. Its gradually getting worse. I've to be tested for arthritis, but I'm needle phobic. Lovely eh.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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Have you tried indometacin-its an nsaids, I have to take omeprazole before take it as I have a lot of stomach issues, there's also duloxetine nortriptyline, zomorph, oramorph and codeine hope you get some relief soon. Take care Lynne

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Hi I cant take NSAIDs as I have had a stomach ulcer & I'm now on ranitidine.

I was given oramorph when I first hurt my back & it sends me mad unfortunately. I take codeine already, cocodamol but I get it as paracetamol & codeine so I can adjust to suit my pain. But I'm.taking the max they give me & it's not helping. Need to be a big brave girl & go get my blood taken for the doctors to change my pain meds 😩😩

Thank you for your reply. 😊

Umm maybe some Ativan then get the needle? If it’s this bad I so feel for you !! I’m sorry !!

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Dubchic in reply to guitara69

Never heard of that. Thank you very much I'll have a look into that. 😊

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guitara69 in reply to Dubchic

It’s a benzo so it will chill you out

have you thought about what muscles you use in your legs?

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Dubchic in reply to LeighBlyth

Thank you. I will have a read through that later. Looks interesting.

Idea only - Ask also for a vitamin D blood test.

Some knee and stiffness problems, especially getting up out of beds or chairs and worse in the mornings can be helped by vitamin D3. (Not saying D3 is your answer, but idea to get yourself checked.)

Most of us are either low or deficient in our vitamin D blood levels.

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin, many say their bones and joints feel far better in the warmer months.

If taking vitamin D3 take it along with vitamin K2 and magnesium.

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Dubchic in reply to Coastwalker

Hi yes I already take vitamin d3 & magnesium but not vitamin k2.

I will ask them to check my levels when I eventually brave up & get my blood taken. Thank you

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Coastwalker in reply to Dubchic

Make sure you are not taking too low a dose of vitamin D3. ?

We are all different in our needs, but I found

1,000 iu my Doctor prescribed was not enough to sort my ills/symptoms, only when I upped my D3 dose to 5,000 iu did all my pains go away and stay away, though in winter all pains came back again so I realised I had to up my D3 dose yet again to get rid of my pains. In warmer months I will drop back down to 5,000iu.

Again we are all different in our needs Dubchic.

Both knees, & usually worse at night so I keep my infrared lamp next to my bed which helps reduce the pain & relaxation to get me back to sleep.

You’re using a toxic cocktail of drugs. As an alternative try B vitamins, especially folate (not synthetic folic acid) & B12. I’ve had success with neuropathic, arthritic, & general pain this year injecting hydroxocobalamin every 4-5 days though you might want to try sublingual methylcobalamin if you have a needle issue.

I use acupuncture regularly which strangely might help your phobia.

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Dubchic in reply to BadHare

Thank you. I already take vitamin b supplement every day & have done for over a yr. I will look into the rest. thanks again.

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BadHare in reply to Dubchic

Not everyone absorbs B12 well, & also folic acid is an issue for some. I’ve taken B complex for as long as I can remember & eat several times my folate RDA, but injecting B12 helps repair nerve damage & folate helps pain.


About four years ago, I had a great deal of pain in both knees and wasn't getting anywhere with my GP. I then discovered a book called Heal Your Knees by Robert Klapper and Lynda Huey. Exercise, combined with following a juicing programme by a guy named Joe Cross worked for me. I did this to get rid of the toxins we accumulate over the years. Although I do get the odd twinge depending on weather, I am happy to say that I don't suffer chronic pain any more.

I'll not explain my entire routine here, but essentially, I spent a minimum of 20 minutes a day doing knee strengthening exercises in my local pool, followed by walking and a gym routine. I stuck to it six days a week for two months, and although I will probably require knee ops in the future, I'm now considerably more mobile, pain-free and not on meds.

I hope this might be of help.

Would like to know if anyone has tried light therapy for pain?

Hearing a lot about it in US. Has anyone tried it and its effects?


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