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Knee pain


Hi I've been having a great deal of pain in my knee which as been going on about 2 weeks and even after rest ice and painkillers it's no better .It is swollen on the top of my knee at the side and at the back which radiates down to my ankle.I can't kneel on it as it's agony and to lift my leg up feels like a dead weight ,a lot of the pain is on the outside of the knee.

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Firstly have you had a fall or knocked it?

Second what does your GP say?


Hi there, have you seen a dr? You should go an get it checked out.

I bashed my knee a few years ago and later found that I had torn the muscle from the bone and its never fully recovered from the trauma. If I had gone to seek medical advice sooner it may have healed properly and I would not still be suffering.

I've had several steroid injections which helps for a while but I've been told that if I'd seen a GP sooner a small operation would have sorted it out completely.

So don't leave it, go get it sorted. Leaving it could be the worst thing to do.

Good luck.

Spudster1 in reply to vespatone

I was under physio last month but was discharged as he said with my other problem.s he didn't want to put me through exercises etc but it as got worse now ,if I go to docs they will refer me to physio again and it can take months to see some one so was thinking going to walk in centre or a& e then I might get a scan or x ray .Don't think I've had a bang as such only dogs jumping up on me .

Bananas5 in reply to Spudster1

Sorry I thought you said it has only been bad about 2 weeks.

If you have other conditions, and already seen your GP, then go back and tell him what physio said


Spudster1 in reply to Bananas5

Yes it's only been this bad last 2 weeks will go and see doc.Thanks for your advice

I also have pain but it isn’t the knee it’s the muscle above the knee what helps me sometimes I’d a heating pad. I can’t find anything to dull the pain. It isn’t all the time.

Spudster1 in reply to ssdw1958

Have u had any x rays or scans

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