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long term pain


after 20 years of pain i am being seen by physio and wellbeing team but it s hard to comprehend mindfulness try to think about other things but i am still getting pains in arms legs fingers toe s while in this treatment.with all that s going on i have had my eyes tested and i have background retinopathy. this means regular checks blood pressure sugar levels ect.i have an M R I scan 31st july to see how my eye and cheek are mending after removing the tumour last year but also had two ops to repair damage tear duct. i am now waiting for a scan on another lump on my chest no pain from lump but been there 6 weeks now just like testicular cancer no pain so just hoping its not returned. just like everybody pain stops you doing what you want to do work do sports ect. tablets wont stop pain.

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I know that I am in pain from MS but after listening to your pain I feel like I shouldn’t complain at all about anything. I am sorry 😐 you are going through all that you are. I was was just complaining about the souls of my feet being numb all the time I feel like I’m a wimp compared to all that you are going through and have gone through.

I will send you prayers to you so that the Lord and someone here on earth will help you.


thanks ssdw1958 ms is long term for you. my friend went back to Ireland to join his family as his 3 brothers have it he finished working .you take care pain is pain we are all coping in our own way.

I know but sometimes I hear of others pain and sometimes I feel guilty complaining about mine but if you know what I mean like when you hear of a child dealing with pain. And those little ones dealing with it better than me.

antbeech1963 Hi. You certainly have multiple issues going on as far as I can gather.

Is there anything specific you would like support with ? I notice you talk about mindfulness. Have you done a course ? I would suggest doing some simple training or even using online apps to help yourself understand the techniques. Mindfulness is more about training yourself to focus on your thoughts and bodily feelings rather than trying to ignore the pain sensations.

Being referee to a pain clinic might be beneficial if only to join with other people experiencing chronic pain and sharing ideas on how to deal with it.


Hi deejames.yes been working and dealing with pain for many years now. as i worked for myself i just carried on. but in 2011 it all changed i was getting tired and snappy i found a lump in my left testical.so i went for all test and it was found to be cancerose.that s not so bad but the pain in my ademon was so bad it stopped me from working.i had op to remove polyps and they found the tumour under my eye. but that was not cancerous but it had grown into my cheek bone in 5 different places and had to be drilled out during this my tear duck was damaged i had another op to repair that but got infected and did not work. so had another in march this year and that has failed as well. my eye keeps watering all the time so waiting for eye specialist to look at it.meanwhile i had internal bleeding from cancer op which turned out to be internal hymeriods which had to be banded and is ongoing .i have hypertrothiccardiomyopathy H C M heart problem ashmatic sleep enaphia diabetic all this started after cancer op just had eyes tested now got background retnotheropey . waiting for mri scan on eye and scan on lump that has came up on my chest.but going back to your reply i have been in a wellbeing course the last two weeks in my last week now but not sure if we get further help. thanks anyway Dee

Hello, your post just about sums it up long term pain does not have a simple answer and when it flares up many of us just want to give up, no doubt you do to.Like you I have had pain for over twenty years but now they are taking a new approach back to arthritis clinics to see if theres any new alternatives & pain management which I have been doing myself for all these years. So I hope your physio,ect help to lessen the pain, best wishes for a good outcome for all your other issues too. I just had a fall and broke my upper humerus to add to the pain & other issues, so physio for me again just like you. Nice to know others are in the same boat.take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

HI Katieoxo60 not sure what part of the body your upper humerus but it sounds Painful.yes i am in my 3rd week 12 of us doing exesize and mindfulness where you relax and think about calming things not sure it s working for me but the hydro pool is relaxing and good for your joints. like you it,s pain management . but we just have to keep battling on.hope all go s well for you. take care.

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