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Long term chronic pain

I have suffered for 3 and half years with pain after a hysterectomy and eventually the doctors put it down to nerve damage and stuck me on tablets and told me all they can do is help me manage pain.i 've never been satisfied with that as everything they have given me never takes the pain away enough to live a normal life...after pain getting to me after a long period of it snd no pain nurse to talk to after she left and they have not replaced her I started to google my symptoms.. all my symptoms lead to vulvadynia which no doctor has ever picked up on ( and I have seen more than a few,)it is so frustrating as now I need to wait weeks for an appointment to see someone as my doctor didnt even know who she should contact regarding it (gyno or sexual health) I cant talk to family as they think im just looking for more things wrong with me and they are all getting angry with me

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Forget what your family thinks and look out for number one. It's all too easy for the medical profession to say there is nothing they can do so learn to live with it. I would like to see them try. If you think you have found a diagnosis which can hopefully be cured or ease the pain then push ahead to see someone. You've already waited a long time with pain so waiting a little longer won't hurt. I really hope they find the problem so that your life can move on. Good luck and let us know the result but what ever you do don't give up. X


well done for not taking them at there word and looking to find out what is really wrong with you. good luck and i hope that you get releif. love gracexoxoxo


I suggest you look at the pelvic pain Posts, paulaspetal, - lots of fellow suffers around there - maybe you can find some tips. And I would most definitely find a PT with expertise in pelvic pain. Depending on where you live this may be easy or a bit more complicated.

All the best!


Hi Paulaspetal

Sorry you are going through so much pain I understand your pain I myself have been suffering with Neuropathnic pain (nerve damage) for the last 5 years I haven't had a normal life since that time.

I have been on many different types of pain medication which also included having nerve block injection and physiotherapy when the pain is severe it resort me to tears I have found that nothing takes away the pain.

Family and friend don't understand the impact that chronic pain have on our daily lifes and that we need extra support from them you need to do what is best for you.

Good Luck and all the best.




That's they way to be.

I've had my Chronic Pain since 2005.

I'm also on lots off meds.

I haven't been satisfied from day one to be honest.

I've gone through NHS hospitals & Consultants like "confetti"

Still no closer to getting much needed treatment.

I have got a number off pain consultants from B-ham to Oxford to Liverpool.



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