pain clinic discharged me even though i still have pain in my legs constantly

you go thereafter being refered by doctor about 3 months waiting then they send you for scan 4 months wait then they have you back look at scan decide what to do then you go away another 6 months then have injection then go home injection sometimes works then you get pain again after a few months then you repeat the whole process again. i have been in pain for the last 5years. they not going to operate so discharge me i guess thats just get on with it now.

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  • The pressure on Pain Services is very high. We must be a nation of pain-filled people! I am in same position but being re-referred. Have you tried alternative therapies to see if they can help ?

  • you name it i tried it my gp has now organised some blood tests to rule out lupus multipal sclerosis that sort of thing and i changed the bp tablet to a different one from ramipril its very soul destroying when they dont take you seriously and fob you off all the time. im hoping something can be sorted soon, good luck to you hope you get sorted

  • Same here jenf. There has to be an answer somewhere. All the best.

  • Waiting for my first Acute Pain Clinic appointment and after 9 years of virtually constant pain, eight operations and enough medications to calm a herd of buffalo, the idea that the clinic is not going to be that productive or too prolonged is very disappointing, he says, thinking of much stronger words.

  • sorry to have dissapointed you but i just said how it is. it can be different for some people it gets you down i know and i have truly said those stronger words believe me it would be so nice to wake with no pain at all. good luck i hope it works for you

  • I wasn't upset with you at all. There is no point in ignoring reality. It is just so frustrating. In the last month, I have had an average of two hours sleep at night without pain. I am lucky to have an hour in bed before the pain is so severe that I have to get up and then cat nap if I can hours later.

  • Hi Jenf ..think many of us are feeling the same. No ops for me ,mind you dont know if id want one lol..just keep taking the meds and see gp,they said. So I see her this week. I am paying for a private physio hydro work out once a week,til i cannot afford it. I use incense,oils,beautiful music tens heat massager and ofcourse meds..sadly pain is still yuk daily. I do keep active,my recokoning if I going to hurt anyway might as well do what I can. I do think the incense and oils and music work best ..they lift my spirits and relax me..but nothing stops the pain lol.

    I do think sadly that our dear old NHS has had its day,it is underfunded to cope with the amount the people , many of the staff have little to know bedside manner or even people skills,and the odd one or two who do are so busy they cant cope. It is such sad state..but after all these years I guess it will go and we will be like most of the rest of the world and have to pay..will it be better ? we will have more choice yes and ,yes I think it will be better than what we have now..but not as good as the nhs used to be .

    Love and hugs to all on this beautiful sunny saturday :)

  • I have paid for private consultations and seen 'eminent' specialists. I have had better treatment through the NHS, no question. I don't mind chipping in if I can but how long I can do that I don't know. Then when NHS is dismantled, what happens to patients not being 'cured' - ie, us ?

  • Hi all 2 more weeks to go and then its my next visit to the pain clinic. Having stopped my prescribed Pregabalin pills I do not want to go on another zombie pill and sleep sleep sleep. At present my Cocodamol 30x500 mg an tens machine are all I am on. the pain in my legs and the following weakness with a very heavy legs feeling is daily together with a tearing pain at the top of my spine is getting me down .

  • The thing is, there isn't a cure for people like us! This is what you have to accept. Have you been on the pain management course?

    I'm in the same situation, it's frustrating. My next step is seeing a chiropractor. Just waiting for my benefits to start again so I have some money!

  • very frustrating hope you get sorted

  • What is this tearing pain in lower spine that you mention Pirate? I get that if I bend even slightly sometimes. It usually heralds a few really bad days. Is something tearing ? Healing, tearing ? Honestly, what the mind can do when you are constant pain !

  • Feel for you and totally get you.

    Been in the same boat,but I bet your pain specialist wasn`t called Dr Walley?

    His reply to "What can you and I do to relieve pain"

    Get on with it,their are worse people off than me!

    I know that but bedside manors leave a lot to be desired.

    Hope you feel a bit better


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