Pain in Low Back, Buttocks, Legs, and Feet

Pain in Low Back, Buttocks, Legs, and Feet

I'm a newbie. First post. In my 60's. I'm sure many of you will recognize my story as your own in dealing with pain. I have had increasing pain for over 15 years, and now I can't work and can't get disability. I have had decompression surgery on L4-L5 (which they call a foraminotomy ) with no success. I have had all the shots, patches, physical therapy, etc. for years. Instead of spending my money on vacations as I had dreamed, all my money goes to doctors. The pain is especially bad after a couple hours of sleep, where my butt hurts in the general area just above the crack, and the pain goes down both legs to my feet. I am on Oxycontin ER, morphine ER and IR, amitriptyline, baclofen, and duloxitine.

The MRI's say I have a little arthritis, moderate L4-5 lateral recess stenosis, maybe a tiny tear there, a bone spur on my tailbone, but nothing that makes them stand back in shock. Boy, if this is moderate, I'd hate to see what severe looks like.

So, for those who have stenosis, what do you find is the best way to get out of the pain episodes? It's not always severe, but it's always there, and when it is, it feels like I don't want to move.

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  • Welcome to our friendly forum..I am not qualified to answer

    your questions apart from being in pain.Yours sounds like my Sciatic

    pain that started after some pelvic surgery that I had whereby my sciatic nerve

    Was damaged.. I take tramadol and that is all. But every day I swim walk or

    use my exersise bike just to keep moving helps me. I also eat lots of fruit,veg,

    good organic meat whenever I can.

    I know that lots of our lovely forum will do their best to advise. Enjoy!😀😀

  • I'm sorry to hear of your journey of pain. I'm in my 60's also and have arthritis in feet, knees, and now shoulders.

    When I get up in the morning I feel like a train wreck. Had a scan on my lower back which constantly hurts and nothing showed up negative. Surprising.

    I do calf stretches and keep the body moving somehow, but it's no longer pleasurable to walk the miles I used to do and totally take for granted.

    Would a back brace help somewhat? Wish I could advise on overcoming the pain episodes. No one deserves chronic pain - it's a silent bitch.

  • The back brace wouldn't work - I've tried belts and things going to bed, but no luck. I wish I knew if the pain was coming from the muscles reacting to the pain, or if it's the nerve itself. I try to stretch and put pressure on the muscle for it to "release", but it never works.

  • Some people have epidural steroid injections which I may look in to. Chronic pain is horrible to live with.

  • Sciatic pain starts in the area of your lower back, I have a Tens machine and as a last resort use that, it numbs the nerves and that way the pain. I too have constant pain somewhere in my whole body. I never would have thought the spine, the best thing is you will try anything. Ask if you can have a trial machine from the doctors, although the TENS is cheap on ebay now,

  • TENS machines give a little relief, but not much, and the sticky pads are always getting unsticky.

  • Sounds pretty much like me. I'm 45 and all my problems started at 38. I've had two failed discectomy and decompression surgeries, numerous nerve root injections and nerve blocks and pulsed radio frequency. Nothing worked. About a year and a half ago I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted into my spine. It distorts the pattern of the nerve pain and does help with the sciatic pain that like you goes into my feet and down both legs. Worth looking into in your local pain clinic to see if they do it.

  • My pain doctor says that his review of the research indicates that spinal cord stimulators have generally poor outcomes and is not promising.

  • Can you tell me a little more about that? Jerry Lewis had one implanted. My pain doctor says the literature on tracking the success rates is not very good, but I'm still curious. Did insurance cover yours, and do you know how much it costs? Is the stimulator a remote control, and are there wires?

  • Hi, I got off meds. I went to dry needling, trigger point injections, physical therapy. Read Janet Travel.

    Sometimes our muscles or myofasia gets tight with injury. Our muscles tighten and shorten. I even had three epidurals.

    Then you retrain your loosened muscles that were tight and in knocks.

    It is a different approach. Not all our problems are treated by pain medication.

    I was on tramadol and floricef. Dr.Robert Gerwin of Painpoints saved my life. He is retired now. Please research and try the above.

    Also physical therapy with myofasia release. I pray that you get your life back.

    I gradually went off meds. You have to do it under a doctor's care due to side effects.

    I went on Email 10 mg and Klonopin 1mg for sleep

    Please do it under the right doctor

  • Email 10 mg? What did you mean to say?

  • Hi 👋 fazsha

    Welcome to our lovely forum. You will get to know lots off lovely people with lots of support and good advice.

    Really sorry to hear that you have been in pain and for so long.

    I have had several spine operations and injections also I have spent a lot of money on seeing private doctors and exhausted the NHS . I told one particular doctor that I would find away to get out of pain. He was very full of himself and I don't think that we have to put up with that.

    I have had a obscene amount of painkillers and they where never any help to me, still left me in pain.

    I have done a lot of research on Hemp oils and I decided to give it a try.

    The oil has worked amazingly for me. I now have no pain in my spine what so ever. I still have some muscle tightness but I'm sure that will go in time.

    I got mine from a company called CBD Brothers as they are one of the most reputable companies in the UK.

    I truly wish you well and take good care of yourself. Jan101 xxx

  • Is there a special type you use for your hemp oil? It seems there are at least 3 types: Blue Edition, White, and Black.

  • Hi fazsha

    I use the blue top oil and the red top paste. I use the oil morning and afternoon I put 4 drops under my tongue and leave for 3 minutes then swallow it. I take the paste around one hour before bed and one insh in length on my finger then swallow it.

    Everyone is different some oil are better than others depending on what strength is better for the individual.

    If you decide to try the oils I wish you all the luck and pain free days.

    I hope that this has been off some help to you. If you decide to try the oils it would be lovely to hear how you get on with them. Take good care of yourself. Jan101 xxxx

  • I think I will try that - it's truly a new idea I haven't heard before. i'll try to remember to get back to you. Thanks for the recommendation of the blue and the red.

  • Your story sounds just like mine. I guess I am not as severe as you but it is bad enough.Some days I hurt so bad that I hurt all over. I also take gabapentin for severe nerve pain in the hands feet and legs.I have been refered to one Dr. after another and none of then have offered me anything other than hydrocodone, gabapentin, physical therapy, my back and spine. I am at the point of going to the University of Florida for help. Good luck

  • Worth seeing an Alexander teacher. They should be able to help you relax into the pain with the result that the pain reduces.

    Are you leg muscles too tight? Worth getting that checked. Yoga under a good teacher is worth taking up. You will have to network with people to find someone who can be helpful.

  • Do you guys taking Oxycontin or morphine have a problem with myclonic jerks? I will be sitting quietly and suddenly my body has one big painless jerk, like a one second jolt. I can have several in a day. It seems to be related to a buildup of tension in my body.

  • Also, does anyone have experience with myclonic jerks, and what does your doctor say? I can have several in a day. Not particularly painful, but seems to be related to a buildup of tension or pain in my muscles. Thoughts?

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