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Leg and hip pain that never goes away


Hi there just wondering if any one is or has gone threw what I’m experiencing! ! I can’t sleep Can’t stand or walk for more that 5 min sitting is just as bad. I have tried almost everything , I’ve had 3 back surgery in the past 4 years my latest on was in sept 2017, I’ve not felt any better from any of the surgerys it’s a constant nerve pain in leg / groin / hip. , sometimes I can’t even walk the pain is so bad , I’ve had nerve tests done , I’m on pain meds ( oxy) every 4 hrs and gabapention ever 6 hrs just to try and be comfortable ! They don’t work sometimes ! I have 4 titanium screws in my back and a cone that is holding my disks together ! On top of everything in Jan I broke out in a hives. Really bad some days my ears / hands are always painful a swelling up! I’ve been to many drs and they can’t figure out what’s going on , also did Allery tests and they came back fine ! They think it might be the gabapention so they suggested to go off it to see if y body was reacting to it because if been on it for so long ! The pain I’m in now is crazy ! Please some advice anyone!!!

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I am sorry 😐 to say I don’t think I have anything to help you I do have pain in the muscles above the knees I apply heat from a heating pad. I don’t know if that would help you. Have you tried going another doctor just to see if they have another angle to help you.

I truly hope you get help🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Nerve pain u say.. what about sciatica? I also get pain in my hip top of leg its a strange pain sometimes like a tarin rippin pain..then other times my leg will just ache.. not to mention my knee has started!! I think mine arthritis or sciatica..have they done scans etc what about arthritis is ur heart ok? Just askin cos my dad had bad legs they throbbed and he had to sit down after so long from walkin cos they hurt when he stood and sometimes had to stand from the pain from the ulcer on his foot.

Did u have the pains before ur surgery and are the pains related to ur back

Bela8 in reply to jojo23pink

Well it all started from a fall and I slipped 2 disks I had 2 Micro surgerys within 6 months and after that I was still experiencing pain I went to a pain specialist and they did a pain injection the first one was OK and then the second one I felt really bad after and went to emergency cause I couldn’t feel my leg and the pain was bad , that was March 2016 ever since I have bad pain in my left leg and hip , had to start using a walker , I went back to the surgeon after having all the test to find out that another disk slipped so went for surgery number 3now I have 4 titanium screws and a cone holding my spine together ! So 3 unsuccessful surgerys and still in a lot of pain ! Got nerve damage from a doctor it’s been really life changing ! Can’t sleep, stand for more than 5 min can’t walk far without my cane and constant nerve pain Any advice please !!!! P.S. sorry for venting I’m just really frustrated

jojo23pink in reply to Bela8

Sorry youve had to endure so much.. im not a doc nor a nurse but i have got a lot of common sense and i think the only option is to see someone who deals with nerve pain maybe its clear that the surgery has caused all this and maybe the screws are pressin on a nerve? So sorry ur in pain...it needs investigating love the surgery may have caused more damage to ur nerves have u got a husband helpin u? How old r u if u dnt mind me askin x

My dads legs hurt because he had a blocked artery i think in his leg which was related to his heart i think. Thats why i asked if ur heart ok? X

Bela8 in reply to jojo23pink

My heart is ok I’m just really tired and in a lot of pain ! Tried everything

Have they checked out your hips? Pain in groin and low back can be sign of hip issue.

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