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pain clinic [humour]

I'm going to join a pain clinic,

now do I get a choice?

'cos if we'll have to ask at once,

they might not hear my voice.

all the good pains,

will go in the first place,

[ I wanted flute in music class -

instead got double base!]

I'd like just little finger ache,

I'll swap all mine for it.

I don't want my Fibro or RA,

'cos frankly they are sh*t.

I'll likely have to bring them home,

'no-one there will swap.

and maybe they'll add a few more

just for fun on top!

shall I stay away or go?

what do others think?

if only they'd teach me how to cope!

I might suggest it [wink!]



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That's brill Sandra - if you go and they teach you how to cope ,can you take notes and pass them on to me ? ;)

good luck #



Oh I hope you don't end up with any additional pains - though if they get you doing some exercise it might ache a bit at first!

Go on, give it a go. Quite a few others on this site go and seem to be getting on well with it. I go to the sort of pain clinic where they do stuff to you, as opposed to the sort where they teach you how to cope. I've never been given the opportunity to do that, and although I think I'm working it out for myself now, I feel like I missed out earlier on & would have liked the chance to meet up with other people in the same boat and to have had someone urging me on to make the changes we have to make in order to adapt and get on with it better.

And just think of the poems you'll be able to write as a result!


You're right no one on the pain management course would do swapsies. And lots of us did add a few aches and pains. The physio's we had were brilliant in as much as they were the first lot that used subtle stretches and didn't advocate pushing through the pain barrier. They were none judgmental leaving you feeling it wasn't your fault. Bits of the course were fun some was hard work, even just sitting there wasn't easy but I am really glad that I went. It was nice to have others encouraging you forward for a bit. And I have taken on board some of their tips. So at least now i can get the washing out of the machine with minimum effort.

How are Bobby and Jenny? Do you have to cover them at night I seem to remember flinging a something over the canary cage when I was a kid.

Like teadrinker look at all the fresh material there for a future poem to cheer us all up with.

Keep on penning.


thanks nedd,

The bubs are out all the time and sleep on top of the cage. you are supposed to cover the cage at night but no-one told them!



thanks all!



How lovely to let them fly free. I have visions of them sharing your lunch.


so do they!


Sandra99b, have you had a look at


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