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is it neuropathy pain or MS

I had an accident at work where i hurt my back in 2007 but rely on pain medications to get me through including tramadol. My MRI only show disc bulge on three levels and mild spinal stenosis which does not need surgery, which was great.

collapse at work in august 2012 due to pain and was admitted for pain control for four weeks. now unable to walk since then as the whole of my left side is very painful and cannot stand on left leg. tired in the morning, worn out in the day and cant sleep at night. i am in constant pain everyday even my medications doesnt help and even when the pain clinic gave me amythripytiline to sleep at night, it never work so had to stop it after a month of no joy,

the pain clinic thought it might be MS,othopaedic think it might be neurological while the neurologist consultant i saw think symptoms is to conplicated so get referred to be admitted again at Royal Free. had to rely on the use of wheelchair outdoors and cannot go to work or continue my partime study anymore as i also surfer memory loss and difficulty think.

i just want me life back where i can go out and wear high heels shoes

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Demand an MRI of hips and pelvis too, There are plenty of other meds to ty, have you tried Gabapentin or Pregabalin, Also try baclofen and ask to be put on and SSRI such as Prozac? Good luck, I've had permanent pain for 23 years so I can empathise with you. xx


Sorry to hear that Drs can't decide - half the battle is knowing what you have and then treat it the best way.

Amitriptyline needs at least 3 months before any benefits are seen if there are any benefits, its not something that works for everyone, but if it works it tends to be good. This should have been explained to you.

I manage without medication using alternative therapies. They are a good source of info as they treat loads of different people. The more info you can get the better the picture you have of yourself and then you can start eliminating things.

Don't despair, this process of discovery can take a while.


thanks for the replies. I use alternative therapies, gabapentin, cocodamol,naproxin,MST, and oral morp when needed and still cant walk due to pain. sometimes, i cant use my left hand and left leg. The GP says it might even take years to get it right.I'm so so bored i just want to go back to work but the occupational health says am not fit for my job as a nurse anymore. i even started studyiing psychology to change my career but had to take time out due to pain and memory loss.


I'm sorry to read what you have written I can identify with this though. Alt least you have been given treatment and it looks like they are taking you seriously. Please ask consultant to consider Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - I have this on my whole right side. Same type of thing, but I have had to manage alone. No cure but the diagnosis helped me feel that I was not going insane as my GP had!!



I found it interesting that although amitryptilne didn't help, the related nortriotyline does!



Well you are in the wars, medications take a while to not only get in the system but also the choosing of different types can also take an age, It took 10 years to actually get meds that were suitable to my condition, The best way is to keep on at the GP and your specialist.

You need to be able to talk to the GP in a way that you can both understand, I see that you have been to Pain Clinic so you have done all the things that are taught there, a further course is the professional patient course that may prove useful. Has the pain clinic advised on seeing different specialities that may be helpful , the afore mentioned may also give help regarding this. You are taking morphene so you are lucky many areas would prefer. not to use this and use more mix and match. the antideppresant amitryptilne did not suit you so it may need to be looked at as there are several others that can be used. Do not get disheartened it will sort out and with luck you will be able to stabilize, you need to be able to talk to the doctors as they are your passport to stabilization, does the TENS not work with you.

It is no good getting bored you will just end up getting depressed, the meds can effect concentration, try doing something that you enjoy, keep it light nothing complicated just to keep the brain working many people say do simple puzzles that you can put down then return later this may help to keep the brain active. Start a blog on a subject or site that you enjoy, even play computer games etc. this will keep you from becoming stale and make you feel more positive in your self

So I hope that this will help, remember your doctor is the one that has the key to treatments that have not been tried

All the very best. good luck, you will always find support on this site



missrat, your comment

nortriptyline works but amitriptyline doesn't, why do you think there are two types of this medication, one does not suit all, its comments like yours that fuel peoples misery of the feeling of not being believed, if you did not mean your comment to be helpful, maybe you should have explained yourself better.


Tkx all. It really helps to get support here, outside the families and friends. Pain consultant had put me back on amitriptyline with an increased dose. I was hoping I will have less meds not more. Now I take 31 tablets a day. The thought of what my stomach will look like scares me. I'm only 37


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