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Chronic Pain Help me :(


Hey Guys i need some help; i have 4 slipped discs; 1 one of them has nearly actually fallen and also ossification going through the top of my back. The past couple of months i have been getting really chronic pain through to my pelvic bone or hip bone; where i can't even walk. Lately my back has been that bad that i cannot even sleep on it or walk. When i try sleeping on my back i wake up worse if i sleep on my side it is the same thing and when i sleep on my stomach - don't even go there. I'm 28 and have not had kids yet and would like some but i am so scared from the pain. I cant even keep my back straight any more; i walk like i have a pole up my a$$. Please help me.

P.s. i have tried physio, chiro, heat packs, ice packs acupuncture etc and i don't like to take a load of medication.

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The only thing I can think of is hypnotism

I really feel your pain and I've had kids ..... labour is easier to deal with lol I know it's no joking matter but if your so debilitated maybe trying medication , i know its not what you want i feel the same way there isn't really anything else that helps take the edge off it enough to function maybe then try Physio , I go to the gym after 8 months of agonising pain and I'm not saying its been easy far from it some days have just been too much to bear physically and emotionally but we've gotta start somewhere despite the uphill struggle , take control of it instead of the pain controlling you then you can learn to deal with it all of it better, small steps each day feeling lost and all alone because we think no-one around us understands .... they don't we can't expect them to, in order to gain control we've got to do the hard work its challenging to find what helps and what doesn't , unfortunately there's no magic wand we have to drive the GP's the specialists etc they learn from us in order to help others but we have got to do the ground work there is light at the end of the tunnel you've got to find a way of getting there with help x

Misho in reply to sianr

Thank you so much and i liked how you put the "funny" in it :) Just so hard i have lost 17.8KGs in 2 months and i cant loose anymore my body physically cant im at the right stage of weight now and i thought that might help but didn't. But im trying and tryomng so feel so unmotivated :(

If you have slipped discs you need surgrey, it's one thing if the discs are herniated but that's an emergency of they are slipped, that's why you are having that pain, why have they not done surgrey yet and if u only saw a doctor you need to go to the ER, I have the same pains and recently have all the same symtoms, it's not fun, try and get a second opinion of you can.

Misho in reply to Nicoleharvey28

Hey Nicole i went to the hospital first but they did NOTHING for me; they put me on a table which i screamed and cried to get onto to do x-rays and thats all they did and they only gave me panadol. I have a high threshold for pain and when my family saw me like that they knew something was wrong. I heard surgery isnt that successful?

You need to see a specialist as it sounds as though you need a operation. If you have already seen one i suggest you go back and tell him everything youve told us as you cant go on with so much pain. Most pain meds don't work but its worth a try even if it's only taking the edge off to be able to cope better. As for laying on your stomach your pillow needs to be really flat so that you don't arch your back. Try it with one knee slightly bent. Just wondering if a temporary back brace may help while your waiting to see specialist. Whatever you do don't just leave it as it may not heal right on its own.

Misho in reply to lowlife

Im so scared to do surgery i heard it wasn't that successful.


This site is very interesting about slipped discs as it can take six weeks to recover from a split disc and if you have had this longer, then you need to have surgery, it does you have to keep it moving and to try and keep it away from resting on your nerve. Also have you tried deep breathing and may be pilates or yoga, you don't have to do much but may be stretching could help, anyway here's the website and I hope you do recover from this:

Misho in reply to Hidden

Thank You so much Cath... im lookin at the website now

Misho in reply to Hidden

P.s. I've had this for nearly a year now

If you are looking for a cure you are not going to get it. If you are looking for a reduction of pain symptoms then you need to tackle the issue from multiple angles. No one therapy is going to be much help, whereas a multiple of therapies will be helpful.

I can only comment on what I know and have experience of and so I may appear to be a bit biased.

A McTimony chiropractor will be able to tackle some of the muscle spasms in your back. This treatment will be a waste of time, unless you do something about your sleep loss. You are going to need to sleep doing the day for an hour or so to help make up for the loss of sleep at night. My experience of sleep loss is that sleep loss causes problems in muscle control. Muscle control is one of the things that is causing you pain.

An Alexander Teacher will help you do something about your posture. They do not tackle muscle spasms. However they will teach you how to avoid having muscle spasms.

Yoga under a good teacher will help with movement by stretching some of your contracted muscles. Do not try doing yoga from reading a book. You need instructions from a teacher. Your local Hindu temple will know of good yoga teachers as well as free yoga classes.

Another regime is meditation and mindfulness. There will be a local Buddhist group where you can learn to practice it at low cost. Meditation and Mindfulness will not cure the problem. However the practice will help you develop the means to avoid making your problem worse than what it need be.

Hope this has been helpful

Bananas5 in reply to johnsmith

And pace yourself too


Misho in reply to johnsmith

Thank you John Smith i am looking into that now :)

I would try the ' Turmeric User Group' on Facebook. Many people are finding relief from pain by taking Turmeric. The group was set up by Doug English, an Australian vet and is used both by pets and by people. It is science based with a lot of clinical evidence. They do not recommend buying ready made Turmeric capsule, as these can contain high łevels of Curcumin, as much as 95%, which can be toxic at those levels. Ordinary Turmeric contains only 3-5% Curcumin as is very safe. Turmeric must be taken with a cold pressed Virgin/Extra Virgin oil such as Olive oil, as it's oil soluble and will pass straight through the system. It also only stays in the system for a short time, so a few doses a day are recommended and to increase it's bioavailability should be taken with freshly ground black pepper only. There is a recipe for Golden Paste, which you can make, refrigerate and keep for at least 2 weeks. I buy my Turmeric (East End brand) from my local Asian supermarket. There's a list of recommended brands, as not all are equal.

Misho in reply to Dorris59

Mmmm thats interesting...

Calceolaria in reply to Dorris59

How effective is this for you Dorris?

Hi Misho sorry it's taken so long to get back to you been busy with the monsters lol. Wow that's a lot of weight in a short period of time , I take it you intended to lose it to help yourself? You say you have no motivation .. You do how many people out there could lose enough to get to their desired weight? That's tough on its own . One step at a time and that's what your doing , your next step is to try and obtain a GP appoint as soon as you can and discuss analgesia , pain is extremely debilitating as you well know and it's important in order for you to move forward to try to gain control of the pain because it sounds like it's in control of you, this path isn't easy getting what works for you , this takes time and the effects like tiredness pass , have you tried a tens machine? I'm sure since you've tried all of the above you've spoken to a doctor who specialises in this area ? If so has he/ she spoken to you at length about your options have you had a repeat scan since the onset of your worsening symptoms ? if no then a discussion with the GP about this as well as pain Meds is maybe the right path at the moment, it's important to find out if things internally have progressed and go from there , I'm around if you want to chat ☺️

Misho in reply to sianr

Hey I had another MRI done yesterday and they called me today and I just got shots in my back for it. They aren't even certain if it will work but might as well try. Im laying in bed now in agonizing pain in my left side (they put the needle on the right side). Im going to see if this is going to work. Thank you for ur support

Auh you soul I so feel your pain , when do you think you'll get the result of your MRI ? it may determine what happens next ! One thing that's really important that we all forget about despite age , job and lifestyle illness disability etc is relaxation techniques , the Alexander Technique previously discussed does actually work sometimes we feel at the deepest point of our pain we can't actually deal or think about anything else where theres pain this causes muscle tension causing more stress causing more pain and it starts all over again . prob saying what you already know if so please ignore me lol ..... I would he he he !!! Hope your pain settles soon and the injection works even a little . Mind over matter you'll get control of it soon enough give yourself small goals xx

Hi Misho how are things ? How is your pain ? I hope you managed to get on top of it even a little x

Hi chronic pain is worst thing to deal with as even the professionals can't do much. All they say is rest and pacing activities. Get a walking aid for safer mobility. Mindfulness meditation to help relaxation as mind is always under huge pressure with chronic pain problems. The body too. Have you tried cbt counselling too and have to cut down on heavy duty days. Take care

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