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Intolerable pain today

I do wish that pain relief worked on me ! I have awkward metabolism which interferes with the absorption and processing of many medications. At the moment I'm having a severe flare of presumed polymyalgia rheumatica.and it's SO hard. Last night I took a dose of Oxynorm before I went to bed - only to be kept away by horrendous itching! Hence now I'm tired and can't see straight - that's the pregabalin! I do hope I can be referred bavck to pain clinic,



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Hello Ann

BOB here

Remember the Specialist today is there for you, she will be concerned regarding your slip into depression and will do all she is able to do to settle and relax your mood.

All the very best, please do not worry



hi Anne hope you get a referral to pain clinic soon. There is nothing worse than awful pain and being so tired due to sleepless nights, speaking as one who knows all too well. Thinking of you



Best wishes to you. If I did not have massages I would be in the same boat and back to what I was before I had them. Therapist did not come yesterday [ill] but I am feeling it now. Sleepless nights are horrid. I do crosswords to take my mind off the troubles. Sometimes listen to Classic FM. Sending hugs and wondered if you could find anything to help you through the night like I do. Just an idea.


I had non-responses to medication when I was on it every day. It just didn't seem to touch the pain most of the time. Now I don't take anything other than the occasional thing with codeine if I'm having a flare up and need something to take the edge off it, it just didn't seem worth the side-effects to keep going with things like gabapentin.

As for night time pain, everything seems worse in the middle of the night. I get up now and move about (lying still makes it worse), read, knit, do anything quiet that doesn't involve thinking too much.

I am lucky in that at the moment I'm doing quite well. It took many years to get to this stage, and a lot of persistence with the pain clinic to find something to help. So I am sending you some sympathy, and hope that you find light at the end of the tunnel -even if it's just a pin-prick - because it will be there somewhere for you, someday.


The only painkiller that doesn't make me violently I'll is tramadol 50 mgs. Causes constipation. Also I take xanax witch helps calm my entire mind and body and herlps me sleep


The night is usually good for me unless I forget and take an opiate within about four hours of going to bed.

Not brilliant today as I spent some time on the floor sorting out my broadband - but the router is working now! Tomorrow I'll try to set my alarm up with it. I've done some sorting out at home, which I need to do soon, but I can't do too much at a time.

I'm still shocked because one of my little pets died in my hands on Saturday. My back is fair, but my coccyx and buttock are a nuisance.


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