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Pain Management Clinic

Hi Guys,

I've not written for a while, but I've recently been referred to my local pain management clinic which is at the Montagu Hospital (under Doncaster and Bassetlaw). I'm just wondering if anyone has been, and if so is it any good? What do I need to take? What will happen during the appointment?

My GP has referred me due to being in constant pain since the age of around 10, and wanting to know what alternatives I have for pain relief, due to me being on pain killers for years now (I'm now 21).

Thanks X

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Hello stranger!! Long time no hear/ Hope you have been OK?

Right I don't know this particular pain clinic but they should be pretty much the same.

I am surprised you haven't been referred before.

Anyway. When you get a date keep a pain diary for the week or so before appointment. Doesn't have to be great details but shows when pain is worse or lesser.

Hopefully the consultant will see you or the pain nurse...equally as good. They will go through your history briefly and what meds you have taken, how long and if they have worked.

If resources allow they may be able to off you acupuncture, hydrotherapy and a few other alternatives I can't remember. They usually have a psychologist on their team who you may wish to speak with.

If they offer you the management course take it. Much of it you will probably know but you will learn how to pace yourself and manage your own pain!

Hope this helps a bit

Pat x



Thing have been getting worse, but plodding on as always - hope your okay!

Ahh, that's great to know thanks Pat☺️X

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We gave up on the cold, wet, misery of UK and emigrated to....Tenerife!!

Go with an open mind and no fixed ideas.You can beat it



Wow, lucky you! Hope life treats you well!

I will, it's all I can do; up for trying anything me! x

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Hi, I've just been referred to the Addenbrooke's Pain Management Program -starts on 3rd for 3 intensive weeks - they've said that it's about looking at the pain etc differently - it will be great if it it helps in the way they say, The only thing they have told be to take with me is trackie pants for when I am with the physio.

Let me know how you get on and I will update from my end - anything has got to be better than being in constant pain and feeling very down because of it.


They can offer talking sessions, one to one or group, mindfulness, and CBT, sometimes combined. There are usually two section - Pain Clinic where there are pain comsulyants who can advice on drugs and diagnosis etc and can also offer acupuncture, TENS and physio, and then the Pain Managament which is the more psychological and therapy side, so phychologists and therapies in workshops or sessions.


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