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Scoliosis and Osteopathy

Has anyone had success in being “straightened up” by osteopathy? The scoliosis was caused by my third spinal fusion three years ago.

After two treatments, am certainly straighter but the pain is really awful. Is it normal to feel great for two days after treatment, and the dreadful pain kicking in for days after?

Very confused/at wits end as to what to expect. Apparently too early to start stretching and exercises. Co codamol and Nurofen don’t help much.

Thank you for your advice.

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Maybe be see if you have something like this near you?



Are you making the mistake of feeling good and then driving your muscles in ways that are not good. You mention you have had three spinal fusions. I would back off from osteopathy. Osteopathy is designed and well studied for non fused spines. Not so much is known about work with fused spines.

Speak to a sports therapist who work releasing tight muscles. This may make your condition more comfortable. You need to see a movement specialist who can help adjust things that are out of balance within the restrictions of the spinal fusions.

Surgeons speak of spinal fusion. What they do not tell you is much ligament they had to cut to do the spinal fusion. Ligaments support the back. Damaged ligament means muscle has to do the job of ligament. Muscles when faced with this task tend to over tighten.

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I don't have a spinal fusion but I have been seeing an osteopath for many years. I know that feeling of being straighter, I walked out of my first appointment feeling 4 inches taller!

Osteopathy isn't just about straightening people up, it is also about balancing the muscles. I usually feel much worse for a few days before feeling better, and occasionally if I haven't gone for a while and my muscles are not balanced (I have one side that is tighter than the other and it pulls the loose side out of alignment) then I need a second session.

So maybe before you give up on osteopathy talk to them again. The feedback from you might help them to decide how to proceed.


I like your description of Osteopathy.

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My daughter developed a scoliosis in her teens. She was at university and it meant time off. It was a painful operation to straighten her and she felt rotten for several months but now she does yoga and pole dancing and other very physical activities. It seems that you need to maintain your back if you can. I’m hoping this will encourage you not to give up and keep up gentle exercise. It does take time.


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