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Chronic Pain, and Negative Thoughts


Nearly smashed the laptop two days ago tripped over it and nothing worked, cleared up in the computer engineers shop, now all smiles.

Want to discuss Chronic Pain

Acute pain tells the body I have a toothache I need attention, sort it. Eventually it goes away after a visit to a dentist.

Chronic pain will never go away, a patient with an amputated leg will feel pain in a stump and will try and scratch the foot that is not there, Also if you have an arthritic joint changes occur so the joint is not going to get better, Nerves become trapped, joints become damaged, now the pain does not go away this is chronic pain

Chronic pain becomes a problem that will not go away the sufferer will experience this pain in various levels, these levels can be different in each patient, what is bad in one person say level 8, may be at level 5 in another the patient becomes selective and will feel that negative feeling differently, generally each patient will be effected to a different extent. hence the patient can suffer different levels of disability and will need more levels of medication.

Now I am beginning to wonder what other people feel about this, as chronic pain is so selective, and disables patients at different levels and may be the same over many years or getting worse although generally is the same as it was earlier

I find this interesting and I tried to square the circle over my many years of disability and would like to know how the disabled feel about this as it is interesting how the nerve systems work

What do you all think regarding this

All the best


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I feel am a part of the chronic pain family, on whome we all live with our own pain threshold on a daily basis.

What could be yours, someone elses maybe more or less as said.

We all live with it in different ways. Too me everyday is different. It scares me not known what pain threshold am going to have for that day, wither it's going to be work able or a day at home. I never know what my day is going to throw at me. Which is what I like, as it maybe a day to remember or a day to forget.

Tomorrow, I have a psychologists appointment at 09.50, he seems to understand my pain threshold. On which am very happy with, he can tell how much pain am in.

When I first met him, he freaked me. I didnt understand what he could do. Now I feel that eventually someone from outside the chronic pain family understands.


We all have the freedom of choice. We can choose to let pain consume, and imprison us, prevent us from living our lives as full as possible or we can choose to find ways to lessen it, change our attitude towards it, and live a little. Because as its not ever going to go away, we might as well try to find ways of enjoying life.

Thats why meditation and mindfulness are so important. They change the way you see pain, which changes the way you respond to it. Which changes how you live your life.

I understand others stresses in life can compound the effects of pain, (going through a few myself) but why choose to be miserable, when you can work at being happy?

Yes, reiver, I too find the intricasies of the human body fascinating, and never tire of learning anything new.

Joe, I hope your appt goes well. Sounds like you've finally got someone who is prepared to listen and offer some solutions. Psychs can bve a bit scary as we sometimes think they are going off track. But thats hiw they woirk fund out whast you feel about lots of things and thgen relate it to your pain.

Hows the head - is it settling down?

Must admit I am having a few really bad days, worst I've had in a long time. Neck and shoulder pain exacerbating constant tinnitus, makes me wonder what is going on there after two bad injuries a few years ago. Lower back also kicking off with iliac crest very tender. Can't seem to move on at the moment and can't find anything in my small arsenal of pain relief aids. Sleep eluding me. Have booked a massage which means I won't be able to attend the Saltaire seminars.

But to go back to Bob, chronic pain might go away. Surely it's possible? Someone must have come out the other side!!

Hi Bob, Interesting subject, having suffered nerve pain for nearly 20 years since injections ans opperations on my back etc. Pain is as you say so individaul and extremely difficult for others to understand. I try to do what i can but I know if I want to achieve one thing to the end i will suffer for many day after. I know that even breathing hurts moving hurts but so does staying still which in my case is more painful than continuoed moving I can't sit and relax or stand and relax to be honest no movement is painless and I have forgotten what it was like to live without pain, but you just have to try and get on with life as we know it now and stop grieving for what we were and start making the most of the life we have left just as people who lose arms and legs or paraplegic etc you have to conpensate and make to most of it.

No-one will really understand especailly the medical profession who admitt they have no real knowledge of the nervous system they just guess and that guessing can cause more and more pain !!!!

Have been a chronic pain sufferer now for 15 years but still cannot come to terms with the fact that I am 'deemed to be disabled' and cannot do tasks that were once a ride in the park. Have attended 'pain manageement' and learnt the virtues of pacing etc but still get immensely frustrated to acknowledge my limitations, couple this with the unpredictability of levels of pain, I frequently feel as if my existence is futile. A documentary on television the other evening was debating the levels of treatment available here in Wales, on the programme was a pain management consultant who readily admitted that due to budget restraints he had frequently performed 'facet joint injections' on patients in the knowledge they would be of little benefit?? I battle continuosly to obtain suitable and sufficient meds and often have to use the route of obtaining approval from a consultant to acquire adequate and appropriate medication. Enough whinging for now - Just to confirm that I have a deep understanding of chronic pain and its effects and empathise with fellow sufferers. At least the sun is shining today - have a good day!

Just like learning to pace activities, learning to ride the rollercoaster of hope and despair takes a lot of trial and error. We've been to the moon for gawds sake (!) but still many souls struggle daily to find comfort in their own skin...I get hopeful (antibiotics for back pain) and then despair. This endless thought cycle racing away makes me unhinged. Eeeek! Kind thoughts all. :)

Reading all the comments on this topic made me think about how l am still learning every day to try and accept that this is the way my life is now ,but l still want to fight and not accept

This is how it's going to be for me.

The logical part of my head knows that after lve finished work l need to rest my legs ,but l still

Come home and Hoover or do a washing all the time thinking l better rest after this....I will

Just do that other thing that needs done ...

It's like an internal fight not wanting to give in to the pain until the bad pain as l call it stops me in my tracts and l can't go on or even think its like searing pain and everything just freezes except the pain ...

Then l have to rest ,why can't l rest before l get to that point. Grrrrrr,is it because lm still not ready to admit to myself ,I suffer from chronic pain.....

I was watching this program last week and l remember thinking she's funny and full of life

Then l thought l used to be like that ,where did that girl l used to be go!!

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Hello Jackie

How did you get on with your leg, have you seen about it yet

All the best


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Hi bob ,my appointment is 2morro, gps are so frustrating ,at least the vascular surgion was truthful and said there is nothing l can do for you,but now lm left with gp and a fight for morphine patches that make life bearable and lm able to function and keep my part time job that l love,and as much independace

As l can ....sorry lm ranting

Thanx for asking bob will keep you posted x

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Hello Jackie



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Ps, I love dogs too and like your paxi my two love there belly rubs and it's a fight for room on the sofa to put my legs up barney and Eva always win

But they give me so much comfort and they help relax me too ...

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