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Amitriptyline and Trazodone

I was given Citalopram in place of Amitriptyline 4 weeks ago. It didn't do me much good at all. Went back to the doctor who knows me best. She told me Citralopram would not help my pain. As I was getting better relief from amitriptyline she prescribed me 50mg amitriptyline as well as 50mg of trazodone. After only two days I feel better already. Has anyone else been taking these tablets and how was it for you?

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Hello Iain

I have been taking Citalopram for years as a 'coping med' as David's carer.  Someone else posted recently about it as a pain med. It was news to me.

What strength were you on?

Amitryptiline as a low dose is used as muscle relaxant ( and some pain relief) and high dose as an anti depressant. I would say your dose is borderline anti depressant but if it works in conjunction with other meds then go with it.

Pat x


Is your answer for me Dan?



Can't remember the dosage of Citalopram I was on Paton but after around two weeks I did indeed feel slight benefits (mood wise). However my doctor said that taking both Citalopram and Amitriptyline is not a good mix (as I ended up doing before I saw her again). This was when she told me to stop taking Citralopram and instead start taking 50mg Amitriptyline again and also 50mg Trazodone. 

I do remember some forum users telling me Citralopram is not used for pain Daniel but I did find a link saying otherwise. I believe the doctor I saw at the time got it wrong for me hence why I my pain got worse instead of better. I would like to know more about Trazodone though and how it affects others.   


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